Friday, February 28, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What a great morning, and Chuck is still sleeping.  There is so much to do today, so we really need to get moving.  First on our agenda is to find a bolt for the alternator bracket.  Chuck discovered it broken yesterday while he was in the engine compartment.  Stopping at Standard Hardware, he found one and bought two!  That was easy.  Second on our agenda is to walk to Maxwell's to gather up a few items for fresh salsa.  Happy hours is at 4:00 on our boat.   We are going to meet David and Rita's son and his girlfriend for the first time.  Once back on the boat, I made my salsa while Chuck washed the cockpit in preparation for our company.  We both had to be finished  so we could meet Peter and Carolyn Ross at the Jib Room for lunch at 1:00.  They were buying our lunch as a 'thank you' for  Chuck's assistance last week. Then, we had to be back to Happy Hours II before 4:00 to prepare for  our friends.

Micah, Nick, Keith
Nick and girlfriend Micah have been on Whisper for 5 days and are flying home tomorrow.  Their stay in the Bahamas has been too short but they both have other obligations back in San Francisco and couldn't  arrange any more time.  We all are looking forward to meeting them because we took off on a sail with Circe and Rising Sun the day that they arrived.  In fact, we got to wave to them one day when they were motoring into Fisher's Bay to make a dive trip. Unfortunately, we were hauling up our anchors to head to Tahiti Beach!  What a bummer!!

Nick, Keith, Chuck
Eileen, Billy, Rita, David
It was a nice evening for a little soiree, as Rita would say!  When we were about to wind down, Nick and Micah wanted a tour of our boat and then around and over to Billy and Eileen's boat.  So, we all walked over to Circe....David, Rita, Nick, Micah, Keith, Billy, Eileen, Chuck and me. Since the sun was starting to set, out came our conchs.  Everyone had to give the conchs a try. Billy and I are getting better with our tones everyday!  LOL  Soon it was time for David, Rita, and company to leave.  They had plans to celebrate 3 of their birthday's at Wallys.

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