Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday, Saturday, Sunday February 21-23, 2014 Marsh Harbour

There's not much happening this weekend!

Friday: Chuck is going to try again to  connect with Capt'n James over near Curly Tails.  He's the guy that rented 2 pairs of fins and 1 mask to Rick and   He gave them a great deal and then told them they could use them as long as they needed.  Chuck's tried to return the snorkeling gear about 4 times to no avail!  Capt'n James originally had suggested that we give them to Jason at the Jib Room but Jason didn't seem to be too keen on the idea!  What to do?   Eileen had the captain's phone number.  He said he'd drive over and pick them up.  That was simple!!

Saturday: Today is hot and humid.  The direction our boat is docked allows no wind ventilation through the boat until Chuck and I put the wind scoop up.  Yeah!  What a difference it makes!!  The wind is now funneling throughout our boat!

I am excited about tonight.  There is a Junkanoo starting at 9:00 pm tonight!  This particular Junkanoo is called 'Love Rush'.   This parade will display colors, rhythm, and dancing.   Billy and Eileen are going to venture over with us.  Once we got to the dinghy dock, there were quite a few other boaters headed in the same direction.  Since we didn't know much about this parade, we asked one of the judges to explain a little of their history.  She told us that years ago the owners of the African slaves living in the Bahamas would give them one day a week to do whatever they wanted.  They decided they wanted to keep their native traditions and customs alive.  They didn't have much to work with, so they made their costumes out of paper and feathers or whatever else they could find.  Their rhythm was created with cow bells, whistles, and whatever they could make drums with. Today, the young Bahamians also use trumpets and tubas to create their rhythmic sound.
I was told that the 'Super Bowl' of  all Junkanoos is held in Nassau.   We only stayed to watch the first team compete because they were so late in starting the parade.....10:00 pm.

Sampling of Green Turtle Team

The first team was from Green Turtle Cay....they were on time.  The second team was from Marsh Harbour and we were told they have a notorious habit of always being late.  Even though we didn't see Marsh Harbour perform, we walked by them when we headed back to our dinghy. Their costumes were more elaborate and while they were tuning up, they sounded better.  I would place money that Marsh's team is going to win.  We found out the next day that even though they were penalized 300 points for being late, they still won....and for the third year straight!  Awesome!!

     Sampling of Marsh Harbour's                          Team

Sunday  Billy and Eileen's friends are flying in today from Colorado!  Paula  will be on board until next
Sunday and Bobby is going to make the crossing back to the states with Circe II.   An extra hand is always welcome!  Anyhow, tonight Eileen and Billy are having us all over to their sailboat to 'welcome' their friends. Hopefully, Bobby brings all his official papers that are necessary to fly in to the Bahamas but leave by boat!   After I made my appetizer, Chuck and I decided it was so hot and humid that we were both game  to get wet.  We got our fins, mask and snorkels, and walked the short distance over to Mermaid Reef.  Since the winds are blowing out of the south, the Sea of Abaco will be flat!  There are 2 boats anchored out which means there are already people on the reef. By the time we swam out from the shore, everyone left and we're the only ones on the reef.....and the hundreds of tropical fish.  It seems each time we snorkel this reef, there are more fish than the previous times!!  It's time to head back to the boat so I can heat up my appetizer for our happy hour.  We finally get to meet Paula and Bobby.  The temperature here in the Bahamas must be a real shock to both of them. It was 18 degrees when they left Colorado and they arrived to 80 degrees!  What could be better?    The sun is starting to set and we can hear the conchs being blown from Mango Marina across the harbor.  It's time for us to give them a little competition.

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