Friday, March 21, 2014

Thursday, March 20 It's Spring.. Bad News!

Mike and Chris agreed to take us back to Merritt Island.  PNC is sending out new VISA credit cards to all customers whose information could have been compromised at Target from Black Friday through Christmas of 2013.  I called PNC on Tuesday to have them overnight our cards.  They will only Fed Ex them to another PNC branch…the closest is the Merritt Island branch!

On our way, we got a text from Chrissie saying that Grandma McKee feel last night and broke her hip.  She was at Shepherd of the Valley Assisted Living for the month of March, trying the facilities out.  She’s now at St Elizabeth Hospital and is going to be taken at 2 pm to prep her for surgery.   The family is calling and texting back and forth.  Tiffany drove up to be with Grandma before, during, and after her surgery.  She’s hoping to get as much information for us as possible.   Chrissie feels she needs to leave work and her family and drive up to help.   Chuck told her to wait until grandma is in rehab.  That’s when she’ll appreciate company!  Everyone is praying for a successful operation without any problems.  It’s hard to be this far away from people you love when a problem like this arises.  We’re standing by and ready to fly home if needed.

Well, we did make it to PNC before noon and got our new cards…with many interruptions along the way.   Our 4 kids are the best and we are so proud of them.  We raised two very responsible young adults and I can say the same for their spouses.  They are taking over while we are away.  We love  you….Chrissie, Tiffany, Chuck, and Roger!  They are easing our long distance worrying……

Mike is ready to eat, so we stopped at Longhorn…still getting calls and texts.  To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to get back to the boat!  We stopped at Wal-Mart  on our way back and then the marina. Plans were made to play Mexican Train on our boat at 6:00.   I started in on my blogging while Chuck went for a walk.  Once we returned, he decided to hose the boat down and fill the water tank in preparation for our departure this weekend.  Of course the water attracted 3 manatees….mommy, baby, and daddy…at least that’s what they reminded me of!   They are such ‘gentle giants’ and I think their faces look like an elephant with its trunk cut off.  LOL.(see below)  After the show, we ate a light dinner and it was Mexican Train time!  We are going to learn the rules that Mike and Chris play by….different than ours.   Chris won! 

We got good news.  Mom McKee's operation went well.  It was a success.  Three days in the hospital and then on Sunday, they'll take her to The Shepherd of the Valley Rehab on West Blvd.  Hopefully she'll be on a speedy road to recovery!!


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