Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014 Last Day & Night at Titusville Municipal Marina

We are really enjoying Titusville and the surrounding area and hanging with the Links.  Unfortunately if the weather cooperates, we'll be heading north in the morning.

Chris called to see if we were up to walking to BK around noon.  We love to walk and it is lunch yes!  We met them at their marina front gate.  From there, it's only about 3 block to the 'Home of the Whopper'.  It was busy but we found a table.  I really have no clue why everyone is sitting inside.  The place feels like they have their heater on.  What the heck?  This is Florida!  Where's the AIR??  We walked back to Westland Marina and Chris took us on a tour of their boat's lounge, laundromat, and bath rooms.  Very nice!  It looks like they recently remodeled their facilities.  Mike is waiting outside in his car.  We're going back to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge to hike one of their trails. 

Once across the Max Brewer Bridge, we turned left into the Black Point Refuge.  The road is sand and gravel...a little wider than one lane.  It is built up like a levee between the wetlands, ponds, and salt marshes.  The waterbirds are in abundance here....white egrets, glossy egrets, blue and white herons, roseate spoonbills, flamingos, mallards, osprey, eagles....and these are just the birds that I'm familiar with!!! We drive, we stop to watch birds, we drive, we stop to look ....finally we came to the Cruickshank Trail to walk the
circular path.  It meanders 5 miles among the salt marshes and eventually it follows the Indian River Shoreline until it swings back toward the parking lot where we started.  We keep hoping to see an alligator.  Mike finally spots one after walking 4.5 miles!  The 'gator is just laying there in the shallows soaking up the sun's rays.  He was watching us while we were taking his picture. Only 1/2 mile back to the car but it seems to take forever.  Wow, we've been out in the wild walking an awful long time. I don't know what time we started but it's close to 5 pm and Mike needs to eat.  Once in the car and slowly driving away from the parking lot, Mike spots his 2nd 'gator.  Boy if he would have see this when we drove in, maybe we would have decided not to walk our legs off!!! When I look back, I'm sure glad one of those alligators didn't think the path would be a great place to sunbathe!!

As I said, Mike needs to eat...and drink...we all deserve a drink after that hike!  Chris suggested the Tiki bar at Cracker Jacks on the other side of theMax Brewer Bridge and all four of us were in favor...until we drove through the parking lot.  We forgot it was a Friday night.  The place was packed.  So, we drove to Dixie Crossroads and decided to eat out in their octagonal bar.  For those of you who like margaritas, they are $2.50 tonight.   The fish dinner was excellent and so were the strawberry daiquiris!    After a nice meal together, Mike and Chris dropped us off at the end of our B dock and we said our 'goodbyes'.  Noe I have to get busy and do our laundry before bed.  The municipal marina has great prices on their machines....$1 to wash, and $.50 to dry. I have one question tonight.  Why do people put their clothes in the machines, leave them, and get upset when they come back to damp laundry in their clothes basket?

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