Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Daytona Beach

We got up at 7 am and backed away from the dock at around 7:30.  We motored through the NASA Railroad Lift Bridge without it closing on us.  It's always in the upright position unless a train is coming and then the bridge automatically closes!

NASA Railroad Bridge

Haulover Bridge
Being towed
It took us about 1.5 hours to get in and out of the  Haulover Canal.  This bridge is on demand, so there was no waiting.  The only problem in the area is the interference of all the little fishing boats anchored and drifting around in the way.   Maybe the weekends are worse than during the week!
Fishermen along the canal
Leaving the Haulover Canal & in Mosquito Lagoon
The Mosquito Lagoon is the body of water that the Haulover Canal connects.  It’s  wide and open but it’s important to stay between the markers….its very shallow ouside the ICW….like 1-2 feet!    When we get a little further north to G9, there is a Slow Zone for 5.4 miles.  This is because the ICW cuts through what is known as the ‘Fish Camps’.  It’s interesting to see all the motor homes and trailers lined up in a row along this stretch!
                                                          Fish Camp


We’re running with the pack…the Island Packets…sv/Island Jim and sv/Riverdance…both 38 footers.  We’ve spoken to sv/Riverdance when they were in the Abacos.  They anchored right outside of Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room and were friends with Cliff on sv/Navigator.  Cliff also has a IP and was docked directly behind us.   At the Coronado Bascule Bridge, sv/Island Jim took the lead.  He seems to be in a hurry and really pulled ahead of everyone.  I hailed Navigator to talk to them and they are going to the Daytona Beach area just like us.   We talked for quite some time and we followed them to Daytona.  They anchored on the SE side of the twin Sea Breeze Bridges while we anchored on the NE side.   Our anchor was set by 2:30 and we traveled 49.3 miles.  It was such a nice day that we would have preferred to push further but the next anchorage or marina was well out of reach.   We averaged 7 mph but it always helps to  have currents in our favor!

                                                       Daytona Skyline


Speedway Causeway...look at the tiles!
Chucks grilling a steak tonight and we’re trying to stay cool.  It’s hot out here…85 degrees!!  The winds are out of the SE to SSE and shifting tonight to the west at a light 5-10 mph.    Chuck spoke to his mother and she seems good other than the pain from her hip.  That’s to be expected. I still remember my father’s hip operation 2 years ago and the pain he was in for a few days.   At least the future looks good….
                                                     Tonight's anchorage!
Anchored beside the Twin Sea Breeze Bridge
Our view across the ICWge for               tonight!

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