Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2013 Fruit, Veggies, and Friends Visit Today! Yeah!

Chuck and I had a good sleep last night .  I was so thankful the wind didn't blow hard like predicted.  We both would have been up all night making sure we weren't dragging or close to Whisper!  We grabbed our backpack and bags and hiked over to the CVS and Publix.  Chuck needed a prescription refilled, we needed to provision Happy Hours II, and be back for lunch with Mike and Chris Link and Rita and David's friends from MS.  I had negative feelings about CVS filling the prescription even though we've been told we can do this but I had positive thoughts about Publix...fresh fruit and veggies and much lower prices!

Off we went.  Once we got off the marina's compound, it was only a 3 block walk to route A1A, CVS, Publix, West Marine, and a Pizza Restaurant.  We've died and gone to heaven!  CVS was our first stop. We knew there would be some kind of wait for the pills.  The pharmacy was understaffed and 5 people were already waiting in line at  the counter  and it was only 9 am.  So far, each of the 5 were waited on and each left without meds.  Ok....this doesn't look good!  Next..we're next.  Chuck gives the clerk all his necessary information, she does her thing on the computer while we do ours....wait.....and she then tells us they can fill the scripts but they won't be ready until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon!  What??  Why??  I explained that we were traveling on a boat and we might not be here tomorrow afternoon.  Well, it sounded good!  The clerk said she'd try to speed up the process and give us a call when they were ready. Really?  I didn't trust her, so I got there phone number.

Now we're off to Publlix. I'm in awe over all the beautiful fruits and vegetables!  I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I never thought I would feel this way about the tedious chore of grocery shopping!  They have everything... let's see.. lets get strawberries, apples, lettuce, cauliflower, and oh, don't forget the cherry tomatoes and bananas... LOL   We had so much food piled in our cart that we decided to call Tim's Taxi Service..he's cheap...and so we added more items.   The cost of our groceries was less than half of the cost at Maxwell's in Marsh Harbour...and that's if the items were even on the shelves.    We checked out and I called for a taxi man.  No answer.  I called again.  Still no answer.  Well here we go.  We're walking.  My load of 6 bags weren't too bad.  Poor Chuck had all the heavy items.  The can goods were in his backpack. He also carried a 12 pk of pop, milk etc.  It's a good thing the trip back is downhill and before we knew it we were at the dinghy and then back to our boat.   We could have waited for Mike and Chris.  They had offered to take us anywhere when they called yesterday, but oh no!!!

As soon as we stowed our provisions, Mike called to say they were here at the Cove Restaurant. We're on our way.....Rita had reserved a table for 11...  the 5 cruisers, Mike and Chris, and four friends of Rita and Dave's...Mary & David, and Diane & Dennis..perfect. This is going to be so much fun!

And it was great to see Mike and Chris and to relive the places that we've see and the people that we now have in common at the Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room.  I already want to go back!  Sigh  :(  The Links are looking great.  Since they weren't able to make it to the Jib Room this winter and their boat is in the water in Titusville, we'll see them again soon.  All of a sudden our visit was cut short, there were black skies headed our way.  So, we said our 'goodbyes' and headed out to the anchorage before the rains came....and it blew over!

Around 4 pm, I called CVS to see if Chuck's prescription was ready...guess what?  The meds were filled and waiting!  I just wonder how long they've been ready.  Did they call like they promised?  Nooo!  We decided to hop in the dinghy, pick up the meds, and then eat at 'Taste of Brooklyn', the pizzeria that we spotted in the morning.  It's a good thing that Chuck has his prescription card with him.  He saved $100 with his card.  Now we have money to eat pizza!!  Walking into the pizza shop, the aroma made our mouths water.  While we waited for our pizza, I got a call from Eileen and Billy from sv/Circe II.  It sure is good to hear from them.  They are anchored in Titusville.  Billy told me that they left West Palm on Tuesday, went outside and back in at Fort Pierce.  When they motored by the anchorage with our 3 boats at 2 pm, they tried to raise us all on the VHF.  Unfortunately, we were all sleeping and had our radios off.  Billy then blew his conch thinking that we would hear it, but we were all exhausted and didn't hear a thing! We sure are going to miss them!!!

Wouldn't you know it!  While walking back to the marina, it started to rain.  You would think by now that we’d be prepared with our foul weather gear.  No such luck tonight.  It’s a good thing the rains didn't last long.   We've decided to stay where we are tomorrow.  The winds are to blow from the N to NE at 30 mph.  I’m hoping they don’t surprise us and arrive early….like in the middle of the night!

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