Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Still in St. Augustine

With all the high winds yesterday and last evening,  Chuck and I were surprised at how calm and peaceful it was throughout the night!  We slept well but, burr, it was cold when we woke up this morning, again!  It didn't take long for it to turn out to be decent….sunny and 74 degrees!  Yes! 

We got a call from Eileen and Billy checking up on us.  They are still at a dock at Port Royal Marina, South Carolina.  They usually don’t do docks but they stopped at the marina on their way south and liked it so much they wanted to return.  Plus, if you stay 2 nights, they give you the third  night free.  What a deal!  Port Royal Marina offers a courtesy car and it has stores and restaurants that are fairly close.  I think we’ll check it out when we get in the Beaufort, SC area.

We needed to go to the Post Office to mail Chuckie’s birthday card and 2 post cards.  I also needed some stamps.  We decided to walk south along the waterfront which still has some of the original seawall in place. 

oldest house in St. Augustine
 From there we cut up St. Francis Street where the Oldest House in St. Augustine stands and a house that has a cannonball still lodged in one of its sides… then on to Cordova Street.  We passed some other unique and interesting looking houses and buildings along this street.   I think there is a problem with the  ‘homeless’ in this town since within a few blocks we stumbled upon two different guys just sleeping on the ground in among the trees!    Let’s get out of here!!

look for the cannonball
More interesting gardens, houses, churches, and cemetery:


It was now after noon and we were both feeling the hunger pains.  We soon passed a sandwich shop and Chuck checked out their menu.  So we stopped in at O’Malleys, a local deli and pub.  There was only one gal working the bar as well as waiting on tables but she did a great job.  I must say the service was good and our sandwiches were great!  From there we walked over to the old Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marcos.  We walked around it last fall but today was the perfect day to revisit the site again. 


moat stairs

our dinghy
We soon found ourselves back at our dinghy motoring back to HHII.  We relaxed for awhile and then grabbed some clothes and bags to head for shore to shower.   Everyone that we met here in the St. Augustine Marina, suggested that we try Pizzalley.  Happy hour is from 3-6 pm…drinks are 2 for the price of 1, a free piece of pizza each, live music, and if you order a 10 inch pizza it’s $5 off.   Unbelievable and too good to pass up!!

We know the winds are to kick into gear around 7 pm so we wanted to be back aboard before then.  We got back in time to raise our motor and our dinghy…then a gust hit us.  It’s still blowing hard and is expected to continue throughout the night!  If it’s like this in the morning, we’re staying one more day!  

Tini Martini Bar
Other pictures from today. 

one lion at start of Lyons Bridge

Lyons Bridge

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