Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014 St. Augustine

After looking at the weather this morning, we decided to add one more night to our stay.  Small craft warnings are up through Tuesday night.  I keep thinking we should have stayed one more week in Titusville…it’s probably warmer down south!

tall ship in the background

It’s 55 degrees this morning and since the sun isn’t shining and the we have high winds, it’s only going up to 62 degrees….burrrrr!  We bundled up and dinghied into the marina office to pay for Tuesday night.  This place will kick you off your ball if they have other reservations.  I think we’re safe paying day-by-day with the predicted weather.   But who knows, 45’ Beneteau  sv/Forty Roses, is  heading further north today. They are from Kingston, Canada and have been out for 6 months.  They seem very anxious to get home. They didn’t leave until 11 am and are planning on reaching Fernandina Beach before dark…61 miles.

Brad Pitt & Jimmy Buffett ate here
Since it isn’t raining this morning….yet…we decided to walk into town.   We saw an add for a new and used boating store at 222 Kings Blvd.  Chuck figured that it would be 2 blocks from the waterfront.  Yeah right!  We walked and walked all the way to the San Sebastian River, crossed over the bridge to the light at A1A, and the address was 150 King Blvd.  Forget it!  We turned around and walked back into the historic section of St. Augustine. We are trying to walk the streets that we didn’t see last fall when we were here.   At noon we stopped at the Scarlett O’Hara Restaurant  and looked in a few shops before heading back to the marina.  It’s too cold and windy!!  Motoring back to HHII, we noticed that the winds picked up and the current is running at a good clip.   We’ll spend the remainder of the day and night in the boat.  We haven’t done this for some time and it could be a very long week….
shops on Aviles St.
Charlotte St- old bricks

Plaza de la Constitucition
bagel shop
cute gift shop

A1A Restraurant

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