Friday, March 21, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Link's wanted to take us today to the Merritt Island National Seashore.  When we are ready, I'm suppose to call Mike and Chris and let them know.  As it turns out, I talked to Mike and told him we are  ready but waiting for the 'pump-out' boat.  It's coming somewhere between 10-11 am and when it's
  done, I'll give them a holler!  The pump-out is free at this municipal
marina but they only work the boat on Wednesday and Saturday! Dave from the office came early and expertly brought his boat in close to our boat without touching us!  Of course the winds are light this morning so that helped his maneuverability.  Once we were emptied out, I called Mike and we walked to the end of the dock to wait for our taxi!  LOL  They have been good sports about toting us around the area!!

It's another sunny day and the temps are to climb to 80 degrees.  This is
definitely  going to be a great day for walking the beach.  On our way to the beach, we stopped at the Merritt Island Wildlife Visitor Center.  What a wonderful educational display of the animals, birds, footprints, and facts about the island such as wetlands and salt marshes.    They have a setting with two taxidermy eagles and their nest with a bobcat below!  Chris, Chuck, and I watched the 20 minute video explaining about NASA needing to expand, buying Merritt Island, and donating the land they didn't need to the National Seashore and Wildlife Reserve.  Before we drove to the seashore, we walked the boardwalk at the visitors center  which took us through the woods and wetlands and along shallow ponds.  The boards were chirping their little hearts out and every now and then a bull frog would bellow in.

Once at the shore, there are 13 beaches along this stretch of the island with parking and primitive restrooms at each.  Chris told us that beach # 13 is the nude beach....we didn't make it that far!! LOL.  We did park and walk over the dunes which all have a jungle growth of plants protecting the sand from blowing away.   The beach turned out to be very narrow due to the high tide.  Even with little sand, people were enjoying their 'ocean fix'...some were fishing, some were swimming, and some were walking or sitting.  It was great to soak up the sand, sun, and sea!  Thank you Mike and Chris!!

It's lunch time and we head back to Titusville where the Links wanted to stop at the reopened Village Inn Restaurant.  The parking lot was packed so we figured that the food must be good or they're giving something away...and they were....a free piece of pie on Wednesdays!!  This place resembled an Eat n Park or Bob Evans.  Everyone in our party thought their meal was good and boy did we all feel stuffed.  Once
 back to the marina, Chuck and I knew we needed to do some walking.  We walked over to Sandy Point Park to do its lap, on to CVS, and from there out to Family Dollar by the Dixie Crossroads and back.   I counted 20 blocks one way.  We must have walked at least 5 miles!!  Talk about being pooped!  On board, I took by book to the aft cabin to read and fell asleep.  Well, there goes our plans to play Mexican Train tonight with the Links!

We ate and called my parents and Chuck's mom.  They are all good and are anxious for nice weather.  It's bedtime.....

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