Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014 Happy Birthday to our son Chuck!

Happy Birthday Chuck...Chuckie to us!
my baby with his youngest/2010
It poured rain all night.  When we got up and checked the weather, we decided to stay put here at Amelia Island YB.    Rain and Thunderstorms are predicted for this morning and the better part of the afternoon.  Mix this wet weather with high winds and yes, we are staying!  In fact, Radar Now shows basically the same stormy weather up and down the southern east coast.  I spoke with Eileen, sv/Circe, this morning.  They are staying put in Bull Creek, SC due to the weather.  I then got a call from Rita , sv/Whisper, and she says that they aren't moving from their Thunderbolt, Ga dock either.  We are all hoping for a better cruising day tomorrow!!

It continued to rain and thunder and lightening here...I took advantage of the free wifi and did my banking for next month.  I also was busy talking or playing phone tag with Chrissie, Rita, Eileen, Chrissie, Mom and Dad, Chrissie, etc.  Chrissie and our two grandsons drove home late last night. She along with Tiffany have been trying to settle the issues that have arisen with Mom McKee while at Rehab at Beeghly Oaks.  She not only wanted to visit her grandmother but make an appearance after speaking with the Head Nurse yesterday......hopefully things will be better......Once the rains cleared out, I decided to now take advantage of the $1 washer and $1 dryer.  Two dollars sure beats the $8  I paid in the Abacos!  It's just a good thing that it isn't a busy laundry day since this marina has only one washer and one dryer.
channel this evening
salt marshes to right of channel

HH II at dock

check the evening skies
looking into the marina basin

This is a pretty nice facility.  They've painted both the shower as well as the restroom facilities...inside and outside.  This was done since we were here last fall.  The Galley Restaurant has a limited menu but the food is good.  Everyone who works here are very pleasant and helpful.  They are trying to remedy their channel problem.  Their new dredge is due to arrive next week.   From what we can see, with the mud banks and the salt marshes, the dredging is going to be continuous!!

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  1. We had a great time at Amelia Island Yacht Basin on the way south. We stopped there and watched football on a Sunday. And then we took the truck to Wal-Mart too. That was awesome. And we met an Aussie who had bought a sailboat without his wife and was hoping she liked it and like sailing (she had never sailed before) when she arrived in the US to begin living aboard. Wished him luck!!