Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014 Titusville...a Surprise!

I woke up at 7 am and just stayed in bed reading!  these last few mornings have sure been cooler than our mornings in the Bahamas.  At 7:30, I got a call from Rita.  Surprise, Surprise...they are staying 2 more days at the Titusville moorings.  The weather is suppose to deteriorate today and throughout Monday!  They are coming in soon and are walking over to our boat when they get here!   After last night's goodbyes, I can't wait to see them again.  

We all decided to walk to downtown Titusville...which isn't very big.  The 2-3 blocks of town, have coffee shops, restaurants, and other cute little shops.  However, nothing is open today.  It's Sunday!  After strolling along to the end of the shopping area, we turned the block and walked back to the Save-a-Lot  and the CVS.  Wow, the grocery store had some really good prices and we all stocked up!  At this point in time, we thought once we stowed our groceries,  we might go out for lunch....Chinese, Vietnamese...who knows. Once Rita, Dave, and Keith, dinghies out to their boats, they decided to stay.  The force of the winds were creating some good sized waves for smaller boats and they unfortunately all 3 of them got a bath!  That's okay, we'll see them tomorrow and Rita will plan an event.  I'm sure of that!!  LOL

It's nice to be at a dock on a day like this.  Even thought it's blowing like stink,  it a great day to get off the boat and take a walk. Plus, we didn't get a "dinghy butt"  getting back to Happy Hours II.  Ha Ha!! Once we had everything put away, we decided to walk toward where Mike and Chris keep their
boat....the Westland Marina....and then on to Burger King!  While
cruising down our dock, we spotted a manatee slowly swimming among the boats.  I'm excited!!  Then it's about 4 blocks back toward town to the BK.   We got our food and walked back to the park to eat at a picnic table.  The marina that we are in has a park on both sides of it.  The parks actually extend to the harbor entrance.  The south park which we are at now, has nice walking paths that follow the shoreline overlooking the mooring area. .  We can see Whisper and Rising Sun and know that they are on their
Whisper & Rising Sun
 boats because their dinghies are floating out back of their sailboats.  We continued and walked to the tip of the park and people are fishing and some dolphin are chasing fish in and out of the basin. Hopefully my camera is quick enough to capture them! There also is a statue of  Neptune....interesting!   We are also surrounded by birds....Ibis and Stork.   On our loop back, the path takes us near the other side of Westland Marina.  There is sv/Missing Link!  Mike and Chris should be back tomorrow.  Walking back to our boats, we decided to take the grass along the fence line of  the marina.  Chuck and I are always drawn to sailboats, both in and out of the water.  Most of the boats on the hard are strapped down in anticipation of high winds and hurricanes.  Some of these boats house live-a-boards while their boats are up on jack stands...a few look like derelict boats and need to be torn apart and disposed of!  This is where Gary and Janet from sv/Lee Ann also keep their boat.  They live in Bedford, PA.
dolphin in front of dinghy

sv/Missing Link

Westland Marina

fountain in the south park

The rest of the evening was spent in our boat listening to music and a halyard clink, clink, clink on the boats across from us!

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