Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sunday March 2, 2014 Last Night at the Marsh Harbour Marina & Jib Room

Today is work day in preparation for our departure tomorrow morning.  We need to provision, lift the dinghy on the davits, the motor on the motor lift, fill one fuel can, top the water tank, put bikes back on board etc.  The captains are having a meeting at 3:00 in the Jib Room so everyone is on the same page with what, when, and where!   Before we start, the young Captain David from yacht Lady Linda had us and Bill and Eileen come aboard to show us the weather…winds, waves, fronts…predicted.  What a yacht!  The owners were on board with some friends and they were very gracious about us invading their privacy!  Gorgeous, just gorgeous!  Now it’s time to get down to business so we’re done in time for our sailors’ meeting.

At our meeting, the guys all agreed on the following schedule:      
3/3  leave at 7 am,  go out the ships channel, do the Whale, and anchor at Allans-Pensicola Cay              3/4  leave at 8 am and anchor at Mangrove Cay                                                                                       3/5  dock at the Old Bahama Bay Marina at the West End and wait for a good weather window 
 One of the worse things a cruiser can do is try to follow a schedule.  So we’ll see what happens!! LOL
Ed & Connie
While  at the Jib Room, Chuck and I settled up our bill.  We still owed for power and water for the last 18 days.  We also decided to order our last ‘Bilge Burner’ drink…Stephen said it was on the house!  Later, we were pleasantly surprised to be invited for sundowners on the dock.  Here it was a farewell for us from our of friends on the dock.  What wonderful memories we will always have of Marsh Harbour Marina and our dock friends!
Ginger, Sam, & Tsu the cat
Janet & Gary
Peter, Carolyn, Casey the dog, & Sammy the black cat.

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