Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friday, March 14,2014 Happy Pi Day! Heading North!

Happy Pi Day Everyone!           

An interesting note…there was a fourth boat that went through this lift bridge with us…sv/Mystique.  They actually were motoring hard our of the Harbor Town Marina to make the bridge.  Once through, they hailed us on the VHF.   Here, they were a buddy boat to our good friends Alan and Colette on sv/Euphoria on their trip to the Keys.  If they ever ran into us, they were to say ‘hi’ from Al and Colette.  We sure do miss the Skinners!  Hopefully our paths will crossed again some day….

It’s such a great day, cool but perfect winds,  and we are making such good time with our headsails that we all agreed to keep pushing north.  We continued  about 5 miles more past the Eau Gallie Bridge.   Once through the bridge, we headed to the east shore.  Wow, this is a really big anchorage.   There’s no need to anchor near any other boat.  We anchored around 4 pm and happy hours as well as dinner is on our boat.   Rita and I planned this while we were motoring along past beautiful expensive homes on the ICW.  Unreal…..

At 5:30 Keith rowed over with his spaghetti sauce and hot sausage.   He L  But, we’ll have one more night together in Titusville before we stay and they move north!
wanted to know why we anchored so far away from him….considering last night in the dark, he thought we wanted to mate!  LOL.   Rita and David rowed over shortly after with their food.   We started with appetizers in the cockpit and then about a hour later we moved down into the main salon for our dinner.  All of our food came together nicely.   What a meal!  Everything was delicious!  This is our last on board potluck meal between, Whisper, Rising Sun, and Happy Hours II.   What a beautiful night!

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  1. Slow down, know way the Erie canal opens May 1st this year! Lots and f snow and ice in the mountains to come down first!