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Monday, February 24, 2014 Back to Tahiti Beach

We got a call on the VHF from sv/Mar-a-Lago this morning.  They  were docked at the Mango Marina and arrived sometime yesterday afternoon.  Chuck told Brian that we are getting ready to take off for a 2-3 day sail and that we would get in touch with them when we get back.  Hopefully we can connect on Wednesday before the Rib Dinner at the Jib Room!!  We haven't seen  Brian and Jane since we left them at the Vero Beach Anchorage sometime in December. While we went as far as West Palm to make our crossing, they traveled down to Miami and crossed over to Bimini with other buddy boats.

Whisper left her anchorage about a half hour before we were able to pull away from our dock. Today is Rita's Birthday....Happy Birthday Rita....and they decided to go to Hope Town instead of down to Tahiti Beach with Circe and us.  David wanted to take Rita to Sea Spray for her birthday. When he heard that Sea Spray and Abaco Inn shuttle boaters from the mooring field to their
restaurants, David decided to take advantage of this service.  The courtesy van was scheduled to pick them up at the Post Office Dock at 3:30 so they would get to Sea Spray at 4:00.  From our anchorage in Tahiti Beach, it's a short dinghy ride into White Sound where we eventually will meet them for a birthday drink and toast!  Keith left his anchorage shortly after the rest of us and sailed down to Sea Spray Marina.  His son, Dale and family are flying in today to stay at a house beside the Abaco Inn.  He and his family will also meet up with us at the outdoor bar.  This is going to be so much fun if we can pull it off!!

Billy, Eileen, Bobby, Paula, Chuck and I dinghied over to one of our favorite beaches, Tahiti Beach, to play.  Chuck took off to snorkel while the rest of us went shelling.   Not much of the beach was exposed right at the moment because of the high tide.  Chuck signaled me to meet him near the water's edge.  He was holding 4 conch shells that he found while snorkeling....1 conch and 3 helmet conch.  The smallest helmet conch was beautiful both on the outside as well as the inside. We both would like to take that shell home with us!  The only problem is that there are animals in all 3 of these conch, so we're not sure whether we'll keep any or them or not.  Soon, all of the guys took off to see what they could find by snorkeling. Chuck was the first to come back because he had been in the water longer than Billy and Bobby.  When we looked at the time, we knew we needed to head back to our boats to change into dry clothes.  We definitely were going to be late for our 4:00 meeting with David and Rita.

We had a nice time celebrating Rita's birthday and meeting Keith's son, daughter-in-law,  and 2 grandchildren.  Rita usually drinks beer but she had a special rum punch drink. Before we knew it, she was showing us her cherry stem.  She had knotted it with her tongue!   I had to try, and actually tied mine in 30 seconds!  Paula was next.....and succeeded.  Eileen and the men wouldn't even try!  What party poopers!!  We knew David and Rita had reservations for dinner and didn't want to hold them up any longer. We climbed down into our dinghies and motored over to the
docks behind the Abaco Inn.  Chuck and I thought that the Circe crew needed to experience this ocean-side restaurant/bar.  What a view!!   The sun was getting low in the sky, so we knew we needed to make the run back to our anchorage while we still had a bit of light!  

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