Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014 Still Strong Winds

Swan, notice his anchor out back

We slept all night to the howling winds whistling through the shrouds of about 15 sailboats on the docks.  We woke up to more of the same!  It doesn't seem like the winds are ever going to lessen in strength.  This morning is when we actually find out about the two sailboats that got into trouble last night.  We walked over to the jetty with Billy, Eileen, and Bobby to see how close to the rocks the Swan really was.  No one was around....the captain had to be sleeping.  There's no way I could have slept knowing how dangerously close to the rocks my boat was!!  We walked to the end of the jetty to check out the still angry ocean and the condition of the inlet.

      Other views of the swan!

Camper-Nicholson looking safe at the dock

Not much wider than Geneva

         Inlet and Ocean

Looking into the marina from the basin

Since it's Friday, Eileen thought it would be nice to get all the cruisers together at 5:00 for a little 'Happy Hour', BYOB and appetizer. She went around to all of the boats to invite everyone.  Her plan was to gather at the picnic tables on the north end of the marina.  Rita and I got to talking .  What if the winds continue blowing at this strength?  It could get very uncomfortable this evening. So, we went to the office and asked if we could use the nice room that's going to waste storing bikes!  The manager gave her okay and said they would move the bikes out and sweep the floor...wonderful!

Bobby, Billy, Chuck, Keith
Bobby, Billy, Keith, Chuck
In the meantime, Billy and Bobby decided it's playtime today!!  They got the go ahead to use the Hobie Cat sitting on the beach. After going back to Circe and getting more hardware, Bill rerigged the Hobie to make it easier to sail.  The guys were flying across the Banks.  Each time they got a little braver. Chuck even went out with Billy!   Eileen, Keith, and I declined their offer for a ride because we didn't want to get wet.   Wet today means cold because of the cool winds.  We have fun just watching them! They were having a ball and played from morning to mid afternoon! As the afternoon wore on, the two guys became more daring...they even flipped the Hobie a few times.

Billy, Bobby
Bobby, Billy

Billy, Bobby
Chuck, Billy
Chuck, Billy

Billy, Chuck


With the direction of the winds, the beach side of the resort was the warmest place to spend our day.  Soon it was time to shower and make my Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Chuck and I were the first ones to arrive at our 'happy hour'...but soon we had a large number of cruisers show.  It's always fun to meet new boaters and find out where they are from, where they've been, and where they're going.  Once couple that stands out are Teresa and Greg and standard poodle, Winston.  They have a 49 foot Katie Krogan called Sea Quill and their homeport is Oregon Inlet, NC>  They previously owned a home for years at Pirate's Cove, Manteo but decided to sell their house and move onto their

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