Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Last Trip to Nippers and Grabbers

Our plans as of last night are to stay at Tahiti Beach, snorkel early, and leave around 11:30 for Hope Town.  Change of plans.....Since it's going to be such a nice day, we didn't want to be on the moorings inside Hope Town Harbour.  So now, we cruising to Fisher's Bay...again.  This will be our 4th and last visit to Great Guana Cay!  Sigh!   Nippers and then Grabbers.  What a great way to spend a glorious day!  Eileen and Billy want Paula and Bobby to experience these to beach bars...and they should!  Since the weather is suppose to deteriorate as the week progresses, this is a good plan.  In fact, tripping over to Hope Town from Marsh Harbour in the rain is doable on Friday if we want.

Before we raised our anchors, the 3 guys ended up snorkeling like planned but not at Tahiti Beach! Last night after we got back from White Sound, Billy knocked the lid to his grill into the water while trying to grill in the dark!  He wanted to find it if he could.  The water is so clear this morning because there is hardly a ripple on the surface that I have faith in our men!  The guys jumped in the water and did a sweep around the circumference of the water where Circe moved on her anchor during the night.  It was a successful recovery with Billy finding the lid.  Actually, Chuck swam right over the lid but thought they were looking for the sumbrella cover!  LOL

Off to Guana Cay.  We motored to Fisher's Bay in 2 hours.  The winds are light and variable so the Sea of Abaco is very calm. Once we pulled into the bay, I was surprised to see only 2 catamarans anchored.  Wow, where is everybody?  The last 3 times here, we had plenty of company!  That's okay, it makes it easy for us to find a sandy patch to drop the anchor.  It's usually a bugger to maneuver around other anchored boats looking for good holding!  We didn't want to waste a minute of our time, so we agreed to meet at the beach where we'll tie up or anchor our dinghies.  Usually we walk to Nipper Beach Bar but since there's not much wind stirring and it's hot and humid, we all decide to ride in the courtesy golf cart to Nippers.....lunch on the deck and then down to the beach for snorkeling , body surfing, and swimming.   We walked quite a
distance up the shore because 3 sharks were sighted by some of our friends in the water directly in front of the bar.  It seems, 3 guys were spear fishing in that vicinity, speared some fish, and the blood attracted the shark.  Yikes!!  Not what I wanted to hear!  We finally decided we weren't going to let a few shark keep us out of the water.  We'd needed to cool down!  The water was so refreshing and the waves were a blast to ride.  While the 6 of us played in the water,  we kept our eyes on the northern skies.  It was getting dark and we could hear rumbling off in the distance.  We were hoping it wasn't going to rain on our beach!  As the front move in, the winds picked up and the temperature dropped from 88 to 78 degrees.  Walking back to our dinghies, we couldn't resist a grabber.

Eileen invited us over to their boat for turkey leg slices????
Nobody knew what they were!  I had to get busy and make cheesy potatoes to take. In the meantime, the rains came and the 2-3 foot waves were suddenly rolling into the harbor.  This is going to be fun to try to get into a bouncing dinghy carrying a hot casserole dish!  Of course the front passed through, the waves flattened out, and the winds became peaceful, after we boarded Circe.  Once again we had a great time and all laughed about trying to eat the turkey...yuk.  All I can say is, it's a good thing I took the potatoes and Eileen had left over chicken heated up, just in case.......Ha Ha Ha!!  Back to HHII....nothing is better than relaxing with calm breezes blowing through the hatches!

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