Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday March 1, 2014 Reef Ball at the Jib Room

It's amazing how time flies!  I can't believe it's the 1st of March.  It only seems like yesterday that we crossed over and were sailing across the Little Bahama Bank.  March 10th is our official last day to be in the Bahamas.  If we want to stay longer, we need to go to the Immigration Office and apply for an extension on our stay.  It doesn't cost any more money but it's not very convenient since it can only be done in Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle, and the West End and only 2-3 days before our present papers expire!  As it turns out, we won't be needing to extend.  I take that back, maybe we will if we can't get out
Lady Leah
of our dock.  The 85 foot Lassara, Lady Leah, just docked on the face dock which is perpendicular to our boat.  Their 5 foot platform hangs more than half way across the width of our boat.  Ha Ha!  If she stays, we stay...LOL.  They docked for the Reef Ball and will be leaving for Nippers tomorrow.  What a yacht!  We talked to Daniel the 34 year old captain from South America.  He and his fiancee are the crew for the owners who reside in Florida.  What a great job for this young couple!

 We waited for Circe to get back to their dock.  Rita was in radio contact with them and their ETA is 12:45.  We all wanted to have a final lunch of Fish Reuben at the Jib Room.  Linda was closing lunch a half hour early because of the Reef Ball that's being held their tonight,  so we hoped Circe would be on time....and they were!  We had to eat on the deck because people of all ages were busily decorating the back patio and the jib room for tonight.  We all decided not to attend because it was $100 per person!!  The money raised is for a good cause but $200 is out of our budget!!  And the money didn't stop there. They had silent auction items and live auction items.  Stephen told us that they raised $47,000. I'd say that's pretty successful!  A little bird told us that the owner or owners of the Miami Dolphins was in attendance.  I wouldn't know them to see them.

Paula & Bobby (lost his cap)
After our delicious lunch, Billy and Eileen had to grocery shop to provision for our trip.  Chuck and I went to Mermaid Beach with Bobby and Paula.  The guys braved the rough water for one last snorkel. Paula and I decided to walk the beach.  The report from Chuck was that the water wasn't as clear as in the past because the wind and waves had the water stirred up  quite a bit.   While we were shelling, others came to swim out to the reef.  It was getting pretty busy considering the waves on the Sea of Abaco!

We all got together on Circe for happy hour  for Paula.  She's flying home tomorrow. We're going to miss her!   We've had a great time with Paula and Bobby.  As I said in a previous posting, he's making the crossing with Circe. Our happy hour lasted a lot longer than an hour!

   Rita and David went back to their boat.  Chuck and I went over to ours to eat dinner.  The Circe crew went up to the pool to sit and listen to the band.  I listened to them on our boat why still trying to catch up with my blog.  Night everyone!

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