Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Fisher's Bay, Great Guana Cay

Cinnamon Rolls!  Yes!  We had to get one more fix of Florance’s famous
cinnamon rolls before we take off for Great Guana Cay.  We aren’t in any hurry because we want a little higher water to leave Treasure Cay’s channel.  Unfortunately, we are leaving a  ‘little piece of heaven’!  We are all a little sad about leaving but excited about going to Nippers and Grabbers,  two well known bars on Great Guana. 
It was going to be easy leaving  the dock with 3 of us to tend casting off the lines….so we thought…wrong!  Everything was going well.  Rick released the stern line, I released the midship line,  and Bev pulled the bow line around the piling to release it,  when all of a sudden the bow line got jammed between the 2 boards on the dock!  Holy Cow, how can this happen?  Luckily the guy in the neighboring yacht ran over, pulled the jammed line up and out, and tossed it to Bev….that was a close call!  Yeah, we’re free and off and on our way to Guana Cay.  Of course the wind is blowing out of the east which is the direction we are heading.  It’s still nice to be on the boat. 

Bev takes the helm and does a great job.  What a pro.  It takes about 2 hours to get to Fishers Bay where we plan to anchor or moor if a ball is available.  As it turns out, there are 3 balls free, so we tie up to the middle one.  It’s difficult to anchor here because of the grassy bottom!

We were so anxious to get to Grabbers and Nippers that you never saw four people change so fast into their swim suits!  It was about 11:30 am and we had a hard decision to make.  Do we eat lunch on the boat or at Nippers?  It’s a no brainer…..Nippers it is!  We dinghied into the beach  at
Grabbers Beach Bar, hauled the dinghy up onto the sand, and Chuck tied it to the trunk of a Palm tree.

   Grabbers Beach Bar and Grill

We all agreed to walk to Nippers instead of riding the free golf cart that was offered.  We needed the exercise plus walking allows us to Once there, we marveled at the beauty of the ocean.  After eating, we walked the beach, swam in their pool, after a few hours, walked back to share drinks at Grabbers.   What an excellent plan!  A shared drink and a few games of island corn hole….Bev and Rick won both games (boo)  but Chuck and I gave them a real battle!  Bevn and Rick are OSU alumni, so they really know how to play the game!!


                Nippers Beach Bar and Grill

                  Nippers still!

              Ocean at Nippers.

            Nippers Beach Bar

        Corn Hole on the beach

Ring Toss

Off to the boat to spend the late afternoon watching the sunset.  Before we drink our sundowners,  we hoisted the ‘Stalders 50th anniversay burgee as well as our Happy Hours burgee.  We made a toast to Bev's parents for intorducing all of us to sailing and the Abacos!!

                 Raising the burgees!

Dinner is a porkloin grilled to perfection by our master chef, Chuck.  Once again we decided to make salads topped with this grilled meat.  Delicious!!

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