Friday, February 14, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014 Hope Town Again

When we got up, we decided to stay a second day/night in Hope Town.  We put on our swim suits and packed our bags to spend most of the day on the beach.  The beach here is white sand with coral reefs off shore.  It’s awesome!  The four of us are planning on snorkeling on some of these reefs.  Low tide is around 2:14 pm  and the temperature is near 80 degrees….perfect  As soon as we reached shore, I told the other 3 that I was going to a  the little shop that we stopped at yesterday and I would meet them on the beach.  It turned out that they wanted to go too.  We went into the shop and then up to the coffee shop….cute….with a nice deck and a bit of a harbor view.  From here, we walked over to the path to the beach which is beside  the Cholera Cemebary.  Over the hill and down the dune to a picture perfect beach and a turquoise –shaded ocean….my favorite place….a shell in my pocket and sand between my toes!!  Talk about our own private beach.  There was only one man in the water and a couple walking down the beach…we couldn’t believe it! 

We all wanted to go into the water, so I decided to be the first.  It was so refreshing.  Then Chuck and I donned our fins and mask and swam out to the closest reef.  It wasn’t long before Rick and Bev joined us.  It was a fairly large reef but not like the reef at Sandy Cay.  It wasn’t as clear either because the waves had the bottom churned up.   We still had a great snorkel.  Rick and Bev ventured out to a further reef.  I didn’t want to go any further.  My left arm still bothers me after I hurt it while moored in Annapolis.  I knew I couldn't rely on it if I had to swim into a strong current.  Chuck didn’t go because his strap on his mask came loose and he was fooling around with that.  Rick and Bev said the water was clearer and there were more fish!   We had a relaxing walk and sit-down on the beach.

 Once we felt we had enough sun, we packed up and walked to the Hope Town Harbour Lodge and its Reef Bar and Grill...out back near the ocean.  We rinsed our sandy feet at their foot faucet and ordered a drink at the bar.  We then took our bags to a table and thought we were going to get a fresh water dip in the pool…wrong!  It was filled with salt water.  Ha ha!   Boat showers on the transom tonight!  We enjoyed our swim and our heavenly surroundings until we noticed it was going on 4:00.    If we didn’t get back to the boat soon, our outside showers will feel might cool.

Reef Bar

Bartender Gary

Before we knew it, it was time to watch the sunset and have a sundowner with conch salad and chips….yum!  Bev and I think this salad is made the same as my fresh salsa but with pieces of tenderized conch (they pound and pound the conch to tenderize it).  At 6:30, we headed to Capt’n Jacks for dinner.  I had a Caesar salad with coconut fried chicken, Chuck had spaghetti and hot sausage, Rick had a grouper dinner, and Bev had the Capt’n Jack Salad with grouper.  No complaints here.  Everyone’s meal was delicious


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