Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014 Marsh Harbour

Rick and Bev got up early to enjoy their last morning at Marsh Harbour
and the Abacos.  Their 10 days sailed by way to quickly!  We didn't have much time before the bags were handed up form the cabin to the cockpit to the dock.  Chuck and I walked down the dock with them and we helped carry their bags up the stairs to where the taxi was to pick them up at 8:15.  The woman was a few minutes late and Rick and Bev went to find Jason so he could call her on the VHF.  She soon pulled into the Jib Room parking lot and soon they were off to the Marsh Harbour Airport.  Later in the day, Rick emailed to say they had a good flight into West Palm and Linda and Tom, owners of the marina, were on their flight.  Cool!

Once our company left, I had laundry to tackle.  The wash progressed smoothly....finished in 40 minutes...but when I loaded the dryers and pushed my token in  the dryers, they wouldn't start. Jason tried to tell me that I must have broken the machines...just kidding....the power went out exactly at the time I tried to start the dryers!! LOL  It took about 30 minutes for everything to start running again.  The dryers had me forgetting that Rita was coming in to cut our hair today.  Yeah!! It's 10 am and her and David are just tying up their dinghy.  Rita does such a great job with our hair, that she has even more customers.  Ginger and Sam are getting new do's today also.  It feels so good to have less hair!!

Tonight is the cruisers' gathering at the Jib Room.  Tonight is Bingo and the money they collect is going to ECC, Every Child Counts!  Everyone at our table were loosers tonight...ha, ha, ha! After we played about 5 games of  Bingo, eight of us decided to play LRC.  The stakes were $3 each. Patty from sv/Breaking Wind won. Lucky dog!!  We would have liked to have played another game but Stephen and his wife, Bradlee, had a long day at the the Jib Room and wanted to go home.  I can't blame him.  We all headed to our boats or dinghies.  Hopefully after we east, I can do some much needed blogging.......R

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