Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday, January 29,2014 Still in Marsh Harbour

Bev and Rick have caught on quick to the routine of coffee in the cockpit
while listening to the Cruisers’ Net’.  At the end, Caroline from mv/Summer Tilt got on to share with everyone that they found Sammy the black cat.   She told us later, that Peter went for a second time on the neighboring empty boat an found him in a small area.  Apparently he got in but couldn’t get back out.  He always wears a harness, so I’m thinking it might have gotten caught on something.  Caroline thanked everyone in the marina that helped in the search for him over the last few days. 

After the weather and announcements, Bev and I went down into the galley.  She cut up cantaloupe while I cut apples….and we threw some grapes and coconut pieces into a fruit bowl for breakfast.  Before we ate, Bev made her mother’s chip dip and I made fresh salsa.  None of us were in a hurry to go or do anything today!   It’s just nice enjoying the beautiful morning and being in the Bahamas!  Our plans are to head across the harbor.  Rick wants to check out renting 2 pairs of fins and 1 mask with snorkel.  Chuck is in the market for a Hawaiian Sling.  Bev and I want to shop!! While Bev and I were shopping, Rick and Chuck went to Dive Abaco but they wanted too much for snorkeling equipment.  So, they went hunting for Capt. James.  He not only gave Rick a good deal on rental but sold Chuck a Hawaiian Sling for a good price, $40.  To top it off,  he delivered everything to our boat over at the Jib Room!  The delivery was free of charge!  What a guy.

waiting for Bev and Rick

After we ate lunch, this black cloud is hanging overhead.  It’s been
there for a while and now it’s starting to rain (1:00). They predicted a 60% chance of rain today and for once they are right!  It rains, then stops, rains, stops….what a bummer!  It’s putting a damper on our plans to snorkel Mermaid Reef again!  The reef is so much more colorful when the sun is out in full force.  Now that it looks like I’m going to have some down time, I wish I had good wifi signal to update my blog!  Ugh…I’m getting so far behind on my postings because we’re so busy having fun!  I told the other three that I’m going up to the Jib Room hoping to get better signal.  When the rain slowed down a bit, I grabbed by Ipad and went to the Jib Room…Chuck, Rick, and Bev tagged along.  While there using the internet, Chuck bought us all a round of Bilge Burners.  The rain all of a sudden was coming down in buckets and didn’t look like it was going to let up for a long time. We all laughed and agreed that the Jib Room wasn’t a bad place to be stuck at.  Rick bought another round of Bilge Burners and we were all happy and content to just sit and watch the rain.  At the moment, it’s not a very nice day but the tv here is showing snow and -10 degrees back home…so I guess we can’t complain!!

We finally got a lull in the rain and made a dash to the boat.  With our enclosure panels down, we are very comfy in the rain.  Tonight is going to be hot dogs on the grill and baked beans.  It’s sure cheaper than doing ribs at the Jib Room.  After the galley is cleaned, it’s showers for Chuck and I and then some time for all of us to relax by reading our books.  We made plans for our trip to start tomorrow if the weather holds.  Our first cruise will be to Tahiti Beach for the day and night and then back up to Hope Town for 2 days.  From there, it will depend on the weather and wind direction. …night, night.

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