Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Man-0-War, no Tahiti Beach

It's Bill Arnett's Birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Bro!  We miss you and Sandy.

We woke up in Fisher's Bay to see sv/Grace anchored behind us.  I wonder when they came yesterday?  Now that I think about it, I took a picture of the sunset last night and noticed a blue hulled boat behind us...dah!  As we were listening to the Net, Sam, Ginger, and cat Tsu, came dinghying over.  They said that they anchored around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and went into Grabbers.   We were still on our golf cart expedition at that time so we must have just crossed paths! 

Plans....what are our plans for today?  Keith, sv
/Rising Sun, is still not up to par so he's heading back to Marsh Harbour.  He wants to do some domestic chores in preparation for his next set of company.  Sam and Ginger are going with Circe and us.  We are planning on sailing to the north end of Man-o-War to an anchorage.   Whisper left Marsh Harbour with David's son and his girlfriend and went to Hope Town yesterday.  The two young folks made arrangements to do a 2 tank dive with Troy at Dive Guana., today.  So they have to make it to Fisher's Bay by 9:30 am.....and it's 9:25 and here comes Whisper powering down into the bay.  They definitely are on a mission and waved as they motored by.

We took off shortly after Whisper arrived....Circe II, Happy Hours II, and Grace. We want to do as much sailing as possible and the winds finally seem to be blowing from the right direction...east! We are having such a nice sail that I hailed Billy and asked them what they thought about passing Man-o-War Cay and continuing to Tahiti Beach...the winds are perfect for this trip.  They  felt the same way and Billy hailed Grace to let her know our new plans.  It's a go for all 3 sailboats!  Instead of tacking toward Hope Town and sailing along Elbow Cay, we headed outside of the Parrot Cays and cut across north of Porgee Rock.  The water's about 6 feet deep through this area at low tide, so we should be good.   We sailed across the shallow water to south of White Sound before we dropped our sails.  Today is one of our best sails!

sv/Circe II

We anchored in a large sandy area and then Circe anchored.  We waited for Grace before we took off to play.  When they got here, we all motored over to Lubber's Landing for appetizers.  Lubber's Landing is just south of Cracker P's.   After we ate some appetizers and had a cold drink, we dinghied back across to Tahiti Beach.

Eileen, Sam, and Ginger
Chuck and Billy

It was low tide at 4:30 so we lots of time to walk the beach, or Chuck plans on snorkeling.    Billy now isn't feeling well.  Ilene figures that I'll be next.  She reminded me that we we got together at Scotland Cay, we were all blowing the conchs.....Billy, sick Keith, and me.  Oops!  While we were on the beach two sailboats came sailing from the north.  this was about 45 minutes before low tide.  We know the water's not very deep down and around into Tilloo Cut....and that's at high tide.  The first sailboat was a made it through and out the cut.  His buddy boat, a 32' Westsail like Whisper, grounded and soon was laid over on its side.  Oh boy....Rita and David told us later that they met the young surfer dude who was single handing it.  He was very lucky because soon two small skiffs motored out to him and pulled him around into deeper water. Then, one of the skiffs followed him through Tilloo Cut probably giving him directions as to exiting this cut.  These two sailors are nuts.  First, they didn't have much light left and second, it's low tide!!

After we dropped Eileen off at her boat to tend to Billy, Chuck and I put on dry clothes.  We then jumped back into our dinghy to find Sam and Ginger at SeaSpray which is in the White Sound. We found them and then motored over to a dock so we could walk the short distance to the Abaco Inn. We only had one drink, the Bahama Breeze, because the sun was getting ready to set and we didn't want to go out the channel after dark.  The channel consists of tall poles which serve as markers. Boats have to stay between between them to stay in the channel....but they are not lit....and we both forgot our spot lights!    Power boats speed into this sound without much concern for the smaller us in our dinghies.  This restaurant is well worth a return visit.  It sits right on the ocean.  The main dining room has big picture windows looking out to the ocean....the waters right there!  By the way, we both made it back safely to our boats for the night.  

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