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Monday, February 10, 2014 Beautiful Marsh Harbour

Dessert, dessert....I think I dreamed about what dessert to make for dinner tonight....and I thought I also dreamed about a baby crying!  The mother in me woke up because of the crying.  It couldn't be!  It must be Ginger's cat, Tsu, that I heard.  I went out into the cockpit to listen and it was a baby. Unreal!  I found out during the Net this morning that there is a young couple at the Jib Room that needed a pak-n-play.  It seems the airline they flew down on lost their's.  They were able to get on their chartered catamaran last night but the baby wasn't very happy....obviously!  A boater from Man-O-War Cay announced on the Net that they had one they could borrow and better yet, they were delivering it to our marina.  What a friendly and helpful boating community we have int he Abacos!!

Off to Maxwell's to buy ingredients that I need to bake for tonight's S & S.  I took a couple recipes with me expecting slim pickings today at the grocery store.  Surprisingly, the shelves were well stocked considering it's Monday!  I finally decided to make a batch of brownies for the girls, Erin and Amanda, and Key Lime pie for the adults.....make that 2 pies!  I think all of us ended up going shopping for this big event!  Tonight's going to be so so much fun eating at Kathy's Pelican Cottage.

When we returned to the boat it's going on 10:30.  Time to Skype my parents. The connection isn't very good this morning and Stephen told me to use the Jib Room's phone.  So I did, but sometimes I just need to see my  parents to confirm they are okay!  Walking down the dock to Happy Hours II, I stopped to talk to Ginger and Sam.  I found out they are going  to Hope Town.  I offered to help with their lines but they're not quite ready.  Ginger came and got Chuck and I when they were prepared to leave.  Once sv/Grace left her slip, Chuck and I spoke to Ed from mv/Southern Pilot.  He invited us onboard to see his trawler.  Ed and his wife, Connie were sailors for many years before going over to the 'dark side' in 2012!  Ha Ha!  Boy, do they have the space in this 43 footer.  Connie's refrigerator with freezer is to die for...just like home...and she has a washer/dryer under the main salon.  I could handle that!  When we were leaving Ed's boat, Stephen, wife Bradlee, and Jim and Phyl from mv/Mollie, were touring a new 49 foot navy hulled Sabre, mv/Crossroads.  A captain just brought it over to our marina yesterday.
Jim told us to come aboard....unreal....1.8 million!! I'm in love....what a yacht!!  Bill and Sandy, eat your heart out!

I feel like we're at the Annapolis Boat Show!  After our tour of some pretty cool boats, I knew I better get busy and do my baking.  Ilene yelled across the fairway and invited us to go snorkeling but I couldn't because making the desserts for tonight is at the top of my priority list!  I baked the brownies and made the 2 Key Lime pies but then I didn't have room in our frig for the pies.  Chuck took them up to the Jib Room and Stephen put them in the refrigerator back behind the bar.

We were to get to Kathy's cottage for our little S & S between 4:30 and 5 pm.  Of course when it was time for us to head over to the Pelican Cottages all hell broke loose..  It poured so hard for about 30 minutes that our dinghy is going to need baled out!  We couldn't wait any longer so we both donned our foul weather jackets and braved the rain.  We put our desserts in garbage bags, just in case.  Picking up our pies at the Jib Room, we ran into Billy and Ilene  and walked over with them.  On our way to Kathy's, we saw the most spectacular rainbow ever.  It looked like it started right in our marina and then went out over the Sea of Abaco!  How cool is that?

Chuck, David, and Erin

Kathy an Rita
Rita and Kathy
Ilene's family was in the first cottage. Everybody pitched into
help prepare the meal.  I sat and chopped celery, carrots, and cukes, for our salad which Ilene brought.   Kathy and girls provided the spaghetti. Rita brought sausage and Italian bread with brochette.Donna made stuffed mushrooms as the appetizer and of course my desserts.   We had a wonderful feast!  After we cleaned up the kitchen, we played 3 games of LRC.  We each started with 3 quarters per game.  The winners were David, me, and Erin. Luckily when it was time to walk home, the rain had stopped!

                 L-R: Keith, Chuck, Me, Donna, Rita, David, Ilene, Billy, Front: Amanda and Erin

Rita, Billy, Donna
Erin, Donna, Billy, Ilene, Chuck

              playing LRC

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