Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunday, February 9,2014 Back to Marsh Harbour

Looking toward the Sea of Abaco
We are just sitting in our cockpit enjoying the morning and gentle breeze.  The harbor is starting to come alive and more boaters are venturing out in their dinghies.  One guy just came by and inquired about the ownership  or the green floats.  I told him I thought they belonged to Truman . He was told Lucky Strike??? We were hopin someone would come around and collect like at Fisher's Bay before we were ready to leave.   The guy stopped at Lighthouse Marina and we could tell that they directed him to the little hurricane hole.  Hopefully, he'll stop on
 his way back to his boat to give us the lowdown.  They are just so lax about collecting money here!  He did stop back after he found Truman in his boat, Lucky Strike.  Apparently since it's Sunday, he collects a little comes Truman!

 Now that's paid, we want to cruise over to Hope Town Marina and walk
around there to check out the roads.  Well the only place we had to walk was up a sandy road and at the Y, either right to the lighthouse, or left to the Sea of Abaco.  We ran into Billy, Kathy, Erin, and Amanda coming from the lighthouse, so we all walked to the Sea of Abaco.  It was a very short distance and then back to the hotel where Billy took us to the open-air bar and sitting area.  Wow!  Very nice.  Next trip back we just might have to meet here instead of the Reef Bar and Grill.

                                                Pictures from Hope Town Marina

Herrick and Lisa
On our way back to our boat, we stopped to talk to Whisper, then
Circe, and then  Rising Sun. While talking to Keith and Donna, a couple standing on a catamaran were waving us down.  They were trying to get our was Lisa and Herrick on sv/Believe.  They just came in with the 390 Leopald.  We motored over to visit with them and to tour the catamaran.  It's very nice but very                                                                  wide!!

It wasn't long before the dark cloud started to rain on our parade.  We hightailed it back to Happy Hours II to close our slider and reconnect the front panel of the dodger.  While working on this, Rita hailed us.  They had just dropped their mooring ball and were motoring over near us and wanted to know if we were going back to Marsh Harbour with them (12:30).  Yes....Chuck started the engine, I released the lines and we were on our way.  The shining overhead but we can see that it's raining behind us and in front of us.  The good thing is that these are just squalls and they don't last long at all....not even enough to fill the locals' cisterns!  Ha Ha!  Keith and Donna are waiting until 1:30 to pass through the channel because they draw
5 1/2 feet.          

Once we get closer to Marsh Harbour, we hit one squall after another.    Each time the winds increase, and then once they pass the winds decrease.    We were hoping for a bit of calm when we get close to the marina in time to dock...and it was calm.  Stephen answered my hail on channel 16 and was waiting to hand us our lines along with Bob from the Nordhaven.  We left Hope Town at 12:45 and tied up at about 2:35....1.9 hours.  It's so much frun to venture to new places but if feels good to come back to our dock for a few days.
Hamburgers and salad on the boat and back to my blogging.  Sorry guys, I'm having too my fun to work on this on a daily basis!  I just hope I catch up before we leave the Abacos. LOL  Kathy and daughters invited us all to their Pelican Cottage tomorrow for S&S.  What's S & S?  Showers and Spaghetti!!  Rita and David and Keith and Donna anchor out and they do boat showers about 99% of the time.  They are really looking forward to real showers!!  I volunteered to take dessert.

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