Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014 Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

 It was a cool night last night.  I had to close the port above our heads in the aft cabin. as well as the companionway slider!  It dropped to 68 degrees!!  On my way to the shower this morning, Gary and Janet on sv/Lee Ann wanted to know if Chuck and I wanted to go to Man-O-War Cay tomorrow.  They are organizing an Albury Ferry ride over from our marina and it's only going to cost $15 round trip.  What the heck, it's suppose to blow 20-30 mph tomorrow  and we won't be taking Happy Hours II out in that, so yes!  They'll pick us up right beside our boat at 8:30 am and be waiting for us at the Man-O-War dock at 1:30 to bring us back.    This is their annual flea market on the island.  So far, Gary has 15 confirmed boaters...and growing!

Rita called and invited us to eat lunch with her and David, and Keith and Donna.  I'm to relay that message to Ilene and Billy when I see them this morning.  This is going to be a special luncheon because Donna flies home tomorrow.  We are all going to meet at 12:30.  We had to cancel our lunch date with Peter and Carolyn.  Now, Dave on sv/Carolina Cat, a power sail, invited us to go for a ride with him to SeaSpray on Elbow Cay.  We told him we'd have to take a rain check!   Getting back to Wally's...the food was wonderful and they have a cute boutique there also.

After lunch, we walked to Maxwell's and then back to our dinghy.  We are staying close to home tonight in preparation for tomorrow's trip....

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