Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014 Tilloo Cay back to Marsh Harbour/Bev & Rick's Arrival

Bev & Rick flying in!
The weather is predicted to be nice with variable winds up until
Wednesday of this week.  Circe II and Whisper are extending their trip for one more day.  We would be right with them but Rick and Bev are flying in this afternoon at 1:35….so we have to get back to our dock.   We left our anchorage at Tilloo Cay at 8:35 am .  It will probably take us 3 hours by the time we wind around Lubber’s  Sand Spit and up to Matt Lowes Cay.  Since the winds are light, there’s not a ripple on the surface which makes it easy to see everything on the bottom.  The water is beautiful today.  So nice that Chuck locked the wheel and we both are looking over the side into the water.  Before we know it, we are off Witches Point and it’s near low tide…and in shallow water where we should not be!  Surprise!!!!  The shallow depth alarm goes off and scares the death out of us.   It turned out to be a good thing because we don’t want to go hard aground and have to sit there until the tide comes in.  We motored over to deeper water without any problems.   As we rounded Matt Lowes Cay heading toward Marsh Harbour, we heard Billy on Circe II hail David on Whisper and warned him that he was heading toward some shallow water.  LOL.    I wonder if it was in the same location where we drifted astray.   I tell you what, the beauty of our surroundings easily distracts all of us from paying attention to our charts!!

We got back to the marina at 12:20.  I hailed Desmond on channel 16 to let him know we were coming into the fuel dock.  Once we filled our tank and a 5 gallon can, we backed away and motored to our dock where  Jason was waiting to hand us our lines.  Since the winds were light, we had a very easy dockage.  Yikes, did we leave enough time to prepare for our company?  We had to  do laundry, make the v-berth, and clean the boat.  I was up folding our clothes by the pool when I saw Rick and Bev’s plane, BahamasAir, fly overhead.   It was 1:30 and they were to land at 1:35.   
Chuck mixing!
Once they landed and cleared customs, they didn’t get to the Jib Room until
2:15….they stopped at Bristols for booze!!  They had so much luggage because of spending last week on the ‘Blues Cruise’  that we didn’t know where we were going to put it all….but Bev made it fit!!   As soon as they were settle in, we celebrated their arrival to Marsh Harbour with Chuck’s Goombay Smashes and then off across the harbor to Curly Tails for appetizers and pizza.  Yum!  The sun was setting on our way over with spectacular red tints on the horizon.  On our ride back home, it was pitch black  and Bev was in awe that they were back in the Abacos again!

off to Curly Tails
off ti Curly Tails
Evening skies

At Curly Tails
There was a lot of activity on the docks when we tied our dinghy to the stern of our boat.    Peter and Caroline from mv/Summer Tilt lost their cat!  Sammy the cat escaped sometime today.  Chuck and I joined the search with our flashlight to no avail.  Everyone is hoping that he’ll show up tomorrow morning……

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  1. We still enjoy reading your blog and all the great times you guys are having. Please tell Peter and Caroline on "Summer Tilt" Hi! from us and we hope for the quick and safe return of Sammy their cat.

    Roger and Carol