Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014 Bingo Night at the Jib Room

With the predicted bad weather for today, Chuck and I thought it would be a good morning to sleep in.  However, that didn't happen.  We are so use to waking up at 7 am, turning the VHF on, and sitting and listening to the Cruisers' Net on channel 68.  We did that again today. They are still predicting an 80% chance of rain but now it's moved to the afternoon. So I'm going to do 2 loads of laundry while it's still dry out.  Yeah!  With Chuck's help, we got our clothes folded in time to order pizza before noon and before it rains.   Oh here comes our pizza....and here comes the rain!! The pizza was excellent even though it's flatter than my pancakes!  The rain poured and the winds blew so hard Chuck and Peter dropped the side panels to the Jib Room.  People on the deck moved inside.  The rain didn't seem to want to let up.  So Chuck  bought us each a bilge burner. We heard later from friends that they clocked the winds at 50 mph....we had waves with whitecaps rolling into the marina, so I believe the speed of the wind.

Billy, Erin, Kathy, Amanda, Chuck-Bingo
Meg's husband, Meg, Chuck, Billy David-Bingo
The sun decided to pop out at around 2 pm.  So, we grabbed our foul weather jackets and walked to Skaggs for bread and milk.  They had the bread but were out of milk.  I guess we'll be going to Maxwell's tomorrow!  On our way back to the boat, we stopped at the beach.  The winds made it a bit chilly.  Something we're not use to.    Tonight is the Cruisers' Pot Luck at the Jib Room starting at 5:00.   I'm not sure what I'm going to take....maybe I'll just cut up cheese and pepperoni with crackers.  Bingo starts at  5:30.  Our gang got the two big picnic tables at the back of the room. We were so pumped about winning tonight and as it turned out, we won big.  Of the 5 games, Erin won one game and Chuck won 2 out 5 ain't bad!!  They both chose Jib Room T-shirts.Yeah for Erin and Chuck!! Clap, Clap, Clap.....

Sadly, we have to hug Kathy, Erin, and Amanda and say our goodbyes.  They are flying home tomorrow  :(
We are really going to miss them.  We hope they have a good flight home since they are flying back to snow!

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