Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014 Treasure Cay Again

When the four of us woke up, we sat in the cockpit for awhile just enjoying
the paradise we’ve been in for the last 24 hours!  Just gorgeous!    It’s a no brainer…we’re staying one more day and night!  Last night Herrick told us to be sure to go to Florance’s Bakery for her cinnamon rolls.  So when everyone is ready, we’re going to the bakery and then the Golden Harvest grocery store before hitting the beach for the day.   The bakery is in a small plaza behind the marina and Bougainvilla condos.  Rick and Bev were going to share a roll but Chuck wanted his own until he saw the size or the rolls.  They are huge!  Fresh baked this morning and delicious!!  We’ll definitely be back tomorrow morning  before taking off for Great Guana Cay.  We then walked behind the bakery to another plaza with the local grocery store.  The store was small but well stocked.  We needed lettuce, bread, and snacks for Chuck.  While checking out, we ran into Lisa and Herrick from LYC, Cleveland Ohio.  They invited us over to tour their 41’ Beneteau, sv/Land Escaper before they took off for Green Turtle…either the Bluff House or the Green Turtle Club.

sv/Land Escaper
We found another route back to Happy Hours II.  While Bev and I were putting the groceries away, Chuck and Rick were going to fill the water tank ($10) until it dawned on Chuck that we the hose on our dock back at Marsh Harbour Marina!  Oh great….Rick went up to the office to see if he could borrow a hose.  All this time, we’re trying to hurry to get over to the Mann’s sailboat so we don’t delay their departure.  Rick came back with a hose, so all was good to go with the water.  We toured the Beneteau and it was very nice.  tI has 2 wheels and a very spacious cockpit as well as a nice size cabin.  After chatting for a while, we helped
Lisa and Herrick with their dock lines and soon they were off…..a
pretty tight fit  We went back to our boat  and grabbed what we needed for a day at Coco Beach….the little piece of heaven.   We swam, we read, we sunbathed, we people watched, and we swam some more.  Finally we got up and walked down to the end of the island.  Bev and Rick
turned back first and when we got back to our lounge chairs, they had ordered fries and conch fritters.  Plus, Bev walked over to Florance's Bakery and came back with her Lobster salad.  We sat and ate our food
at Coco’s Bar and Grill.  This grill is decorated with the hull of a boat hanging from the rafters and it has arrow signs with the different settlement names  and other nautical paraphernalia.  Bev and I
played a short game of volleyball on the beach fir /Chrissie and then we were back to the water….and it’s February!
                                                    Coco Beach Bar and Grill


Tipsy Bar in background

Rick and Bev
Around 4:00, we headed back to the boat.  Before we have our
sundowners,  Chuck started the engine to charge our batteries because didn’t pay for electricity.  While that was running, Chuck, Bev, and I walked over to Dick Tudan’s dock for a visit.  His dock has all of the long term boaters.  Each night at 5:00, they gather on the dock for appetizers and drinks.   They seem like a very nice group of sailors.   Back to HH II for our own sundowners and then up to the Tipsy Bar to try their specialty, the Tipsy Lady!  There wasn't anyone at the bar except us, so we talked to the bartender before heading back to the boat to eat.   We have fresh lettuce so Chuck is grilling BBQ chicken breasts for our salad.   Just thinking of the salad is making us all hungry….and it hit the spot.  We've gotten into the habit of reading for an hour and then off to bed…early. 

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