Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, January 28,2014

We found out on the cruisers net this morning that Sammy the cat is still missing.  Peter didn’t seem to be too concerned until now.   He announced on the cruisers’ net about their cat Sammy, hoping someone will find and return him to their boat.  Chuck and other boaters have been boarding uninhabited boats on the docks to see if he crawled in and can’t get back out.   Hopefully, he gets hungry and returns to eat!

It’s getting warm and it’s only 9:00 am.  It’s going to be a hot one today.  We decided after I skyped my mom and dad to head to Maxwell’s.  Our boat needs to be restocked for four and ready for whenever we decide to cruise.  Before we had a chance to leave, Terrance came by and asked us if we wanted to see inside the new 48 foot catamaran that’s been sitting next to us.  The four of us didn’t need to be asked twice!!  LOL.  It’s a Fountiane Pajot…brand spanking new and it was sailed into our marina from France!  Wow, was it nice.  Terrance then told us to walk over to the other dock and check out the 44 foot Lagoon….which we did.  It was nice too!  We then went up to Dream Charter’s office to get a brochure on prices……expensive for one week!!  Yikes!!  Bev and Rick have chartered Cats the last few times they've been down to the Abacos and they have lots of room for up 3-4 couples. 

Off to Maxwells and with four of us shopping, it didn't take us long to fill our cart and check out. Walking back to our dinghy we all agree that it’s feeling more and more like a Mermaid Reef afternoon with this heat!!  I feel so bad for our family and friends back home that are still
in the midst of winter with snow and cold and we are suffering in bathing suits!  

On our way across the harbor, here comes Whisper back from cruising.  Rita shouts out!  I shout out  that happy hour is at 5:00 on our boat.  We want everyone to officially meet Rick and Bev and welcome them back to Marsh Harbour. Circe II just docked and we told them about happy hour too.  We put our groceries away, put on our swim suits, grabbed masks, snorkels, fins and walked the
short distance to Mermaid Reef.  Even though Bev and Rick have been coming to the Abacos for many years, they’ve  never snorkeled on this reef.  We swam out and were greeted with so many fish!  They were expecting us to feed them!!!  They are  very aggressive and stick their little fishy faces right up to our masks.  Awesome.  Chuck pointed out the feelers of a lobster.  Later had and Rick found 3 big bugs near each other at the bottom of coral head.    Those guys are safe because Mermaid Reef is part of the Bahamian underwater park.  All water life is protected in these areas.   This particular reek has a floating sign anchored near as well as a mooring ball for dinghy tie-up.  The water for the past few weeks has been 76 degrees which is comfortable for spending about 1 hour in the water.  Soon it’s time to head back to the marina so we can shower up and be ready for our company.

Bev made her ‘Bev’s Buzzes’ while I cut up cheese and pepperoni. 
I also bought monkey cheese spread from ‘ Monkey’s Uncle’.  Rita made artichoke dip and Ilene made her famous cottage cheese dip.  We had a great time introducing our new friends to Bev and Rick.  After toasts were made, we had a geat time listening to sailor stories.

Rita tried to encourage everyone to go with her and David to
Snappas for pizza night.  The four of us were game and glad we went because the pizza was very good….something that Chuck and I are both missing! Ilene and Billy were tired and chose to stay back at their boat.   Needless to say, it was a very busy day….where does the time go?

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