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Saturday, February 15, 2014 Ferry Ride to Man-O-War Cay

Today's our day to ride the Albury Ferry, Donnie XII, to Man-O-War.  As I said yesterday, this is a great deal.  There are 20 + of us and the ferry docked at exactly 8:30 am right beside Happy Hours II...what service!!  We loaded aboard and motored over to the Union Jack Dock to pick up the Harbor View Marina people.  Our main reason for this ferry ride is to go to the big flea market on Man-o-War Cay. It's a good day to ride the ferry over because the winds are still strong, 20-30 mph, and the waves are pushing 3-4 feet on the Sea Of  Abaco.  What a wild ride over.  The windows along the two sides of the boat have to be closed so we don't get wet!  The ferry is powering into the waves and the water is splashing from the bow up over the cabin roof and down the back of the ferry!  The young Bahamian Capt'n  is doing a great job  and got us  there safely.  We all cheered when the boat tied up to the ferry dock in Man-o-War. The captain told us we would be riding the same ferry back and it would leave the dock promptly at 1:30!!

It took us about 20 minutes to island hop today.  I'm sure it would be quicker if we didn't have the waves to plow into.  I can't say that people were enjoying this rough ride but they were busily chatting to pass the time away.  I had a pleasant surprise.  I mentioned the Cruisers' Net to Ginger who was sitting beside me.  The guy behind me heard a bit and turned and asked me if I announced on the Net in the morning.  Me?  No way!! LOL  Anyhow, here, he was Gordie from Little Harbour.  Wow, my favorite Netter....I told him that I think he does the best weather report of all the people who give morning weather reports!  He is so thorough.  He talks about the temps and wind, but also the condition of the cut as well as his barometer reading and the best times to fish!!  Ha Ha.  Here again....another face connected to the voice!!   I love it!!                              


The channel to get into this harbor is very narrow and shallow at low tide.  As soon as we passed through the channel, there is an anchorage to starboard but we turned to port to head toward another area in front of the settlement.  There are docks here as well as some mooring balls.  It's very tight and not much room to maneuver!   I think it would be best to anchor outside and dinghy in....very close quarters in both of the two basins.

We walked through the streets looking for bargains.  At the end of the main street is the Norman Albury Sail Loft.  The women are here today busily demonstrating their sewing skills and finished products.  Bags here are not cheap, that's for sure!!  From here, Chuck and I walk back to the main drag and we find  a road that looks like it goes toward the ocean.  This might be our only time here, so we have to explore while we can. The settlement isn't very big so we eventually find our way back to the main road.  Who do we run into first?  Jim, Phyl,
and Mollie the dog.   Jim walked away and came back with an ice cream cone for me.  I've died and gone to heaven!  The last ice cream I had was when we were in Vero Beach. My butter pecan cone started to melt, so Chuck had to help we keep up with the drip!  Then we met up with Billy and Ilene, and Sam and Ginger for lunch at the Islander's.  This restaurant had a very tiny dining room and it was full. They promised us the large table in 30 minutes and they had us place our order so it would be ready.  We now are running out of time before we have to catch the ferry.  It all worked out.  We got our table, ate, and were walking back to the dock with about 15 minutes to spare.  Our ride back was uneventful until a wave hit the bow of the boat, traveled back through an open window, and got some of us wet!! I was one of them.....
Ilene, Sam. Ginger, Billy

        Waiting for lunch!

Beach on Man-O-War

       Houses on Man - O-War

Donnie XII
What to do now?  We got together with Billy and Eileen up at the Jib Room planning our next trip.  Rita and David were suppose to dock Whisper for Saturday and Sunday.  David's son and girlfriend are arriving on Sunday.  They didn't dock their boat because the winds were still blowing pretty hard so they stayed anchored.  Whisper won't be traveling with us on our next trip because they want to take their company to Hope Town, Great Guana, and Treasure Cay.....short trip for son Nick and girlfriend Micah from San Fran!

We spent the evening on the boat but we could hear the partiers at the Jib Room cheering Desmond on!  I wonder if we sound that loud when we're participating......

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