Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Bev and Rick's Last Day in the Abacos

Rick and Bev woke up early enjoying the early morning in Fisher’s Bay.  Troy from Dive Guana woke us up when he motored over to collect our mooring fee of $20-not too bad.  I was still down below in the aft cabin so I didn’t get to see what he looks like!  I know his voice because he’s daily on the Cruiser’s Net….oh well….maybe we’ll be back again.

It wasn't long and Rick and I pulled the bridle line our of the mooring line…and we were off.  Once we
motored pass the rocky bar, Rick took the wheel and followed the chart plotter back to Marsh Harbour. Before we knew it, in less than 2 hours Chuck was behind the wheel docking Happy Hours II.  Of course I gave Jason a holler on the VHF to let him know we were approaching the marina.  He was waiting  to hand us our lines!  Our afternoon plans were to snorkel Mermaid Reef with Billy, Ilene, her brother Robert, and with Kim.  I invited Ginger and Sam from sv/Grace, so we had 10
people snorkeling around with tons of tropical fish.  Awesome!  Billy and Ilene fed them bananas!!  They love them!  Everyone had a great time at the reef and we all went back for a dip in the pool and showers.

Tonight is Rib Night at the Jib Room.   Chuck and I thought Bev and Rick would enjoy their last night eating here at the Jib Room and the party afterwards.  Earlier in the afternoon I placed our order:  1 rib dinner, 1 BBQ chicken dinner, 1 fish dinner, and 1 order of sides.  We four knew that sharing would be more than plenty for each of us.  Dinner doesn’t start until 7:00, so we have time to visit on the dock with Ed and Connie, mv/Southern Pilot, Sam and Ginger and soon the Circe crew showed up!
Robert and Billy raking 'n scraping!
rake 'n scrape Jason
We met Bev and Rick at the Jib Room by 6:30.  They went up early
to try to get online to reserve a rental car for tomorrow when they arrive in West Palm. Rita and David joined us, not to eat, but to talk.  Soon people werecoming back to their tables with food.   The four of us took our tickets out back by the grills to get out food.  Everything was delicious!!  Pretty soon we heard Jason playing his saw, ‘rake and scrape’, to the music.   I knew that Desmond was going to limbo under a bar of flames.  He made a point earlier in the evening to let me
Billy and Jason rake 'n scrape
Bev dancing 
 know.  This is going to be a great farewell party for Bev and Rick as well as Ilene’s brother Robert. What a party! Everyone was dancing.  Billy and Robert  ‘raked and scraped’ and Bev, Ilene, and I shook the maracas.  While Jason sang, Desmond did the limbo, lowering the bar a little at a time.  He always gets the audience involved by encouraging others to try when the bar is at the higher levels.  When he positions the bar at 8” off the ground, he limbers up by doing 60 one arm push-ups.  Wow!  I’m always in awe when Desmond lights the bar and limbos under the flames.  Everyone goes wild!! The dancing went on until about 10 pm and Bev never missed a beat!!  Finally, Bev and Rick called it a night because of their 8:15 am taxi cab pick-up.  Their flight with Bahamasair leaves tomorrow morning at 10:30. 
1 arm push ups
limbo lower now

What a party!!  What a great way for Bev and Rick to end their stay in the Abacos…….
Desmond limboing with flames!

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