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Sunday, February 2,2014 Treasure Cay Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Ground Hog Day!  I hope he
doesn’t see his shadow so our family and friends in Ohio have an early spring!  It’s also Super Bowl!  Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks!!!

We woke up and debated whether to go to Great Guana Cay or Treasure Cay. Yesterday on the Cruiser’s Net, Treasure Cay announced  that they were offering free dockage for their Super Bowl Party.  Bev called to see if any docks were available,  There were, so she reserved one for Happy Hours II!   We release the mooring ball line and are headed across the Sea of Abaco for Treasure Cay.  The winds are still blowing from the ESE at 10-20 mph.  We’ve had our jib flying most of the trip and the waves are 2-3  feet.  It’s a very nice, mostly sunny day,

Rick’s at the helm nearing Treasure Cay, and he realized he has his shorty PJ’s on….and it’s almost 1:00 pm!  LOL  The best part is that nobody even cares!!!

I hailed Treasure Cay and the dockhand said we would be at the 10N slip….bow in, starboard tie up, and he would be at the dock to help with the lines.  As we neared the marina, he was there waving  to get our attention.  The entrance to their channel is very narrow with 6 ft at MLW. The wooden posts that mark the channel are not colored other than the first two and there is an encroaching sandbar at the first turn to starboard.   It’s always a little stressful when we enter a new channel  because the Bahamas do not have the great navigational aids like we have in the states.  It’s always best to enter very slowly, feeling our way as we go….or if we’re lucky, to follow another boat in to the new anchorages or marinas!!   As we approached the marina, we pass the anchorage to starboard.   It probably holds 20 boats comfortably.  Treasure Cay Marina and its anchorage is pretty much protected 360 degrees.  It’s a great hide from nasty weather!

Once tied up…easy dockage….we had a visitor!  Herrick Manna from
Bill and Sandy Arnett’s Lakeside Yacht Club.  He came to welcome us to Treasure Cay.  Shortly, his wife Lisa arrived.  Herrick and Lisa were going to party here tonight also and said they would save us 4 seats at their table. We can’t wait!  They have been anchored here for a few days and

decided to take a free dock for the night also.  It’s so good to see them again.  While we were talking, Bartender Bev made us a Mimosa .  This was our drink to celebrate being at Treasure Cay!

                                                  When we were finished, we put our swimsuits on and headed for
CoCo Beach.   On our way,  we walked right by their lovely pool and open-air Tipsy Bar which is where the Super Bowl Party is going to be held. 

Coco Beach is a short walk through the marina and across the street.  They have a cute beach bar, Coco Beach Bar and Grill, which pretty much sits on the beach along the Sea of Abaco.  Words and pictures can’t describe how beautiful the sand and sea is in this location.  It’s breathtaking!  In the Abacos, they advertize Coco Beach to be the number 10 best beach.  We just can’t find which list it’s on!!  Haha.   I must admit, it’s the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe I’m saying that because I love the OBX and it’s beaches!  This beach is 3.5 miles of fine, white, sand and the water is various shades of turquoise.  My camera doesn't come close to capturing the colors. We gathered 4 lounge chairs, put our bags and towels out, and went for a swim to cool off. 

We were hoping that Billy, Ilene and her brother and wife (Robert and Kim) would find us on the beach.  I talked to them in the morning on the radio.   They were leaving Great Guana and heading for Hope Town but then decided to meet us in Treasure Cay for the Super Bowl instead. I actually hailed them before we left for the beach but they must have turned their VHF off.  We never saw each other on the beach!  How could that be?
Chuck and I went for a walk down the beach toward No Rock Passage.  It was very close to low tide and people were on a sandbar which started on the beach and extended out into the sea. They were looking for sand dollars and shells. The houses and condos along this beach were built very close to each other.  Many of them look closed up and empty.  Some of the windows are boarded for protections from flying debris during a storm.  I wonder which time of the year the owners come to the islands.   I’m sure most of these houses are second homes, so the owners probably have only so many weeks to use them and they sit vacant for the remainder of the year. How sad……

me, Robert, Kim, Billy, and Ilene
Lisa and Herrick
Kim, Ilene, Billy,Robert, Chuck (ft)
If we want to shower up before the Super Bowl kick off, we need to head back now. It’s 4:30.   Once everyone was ready for the party,  Chuck made pre-Super Bowl drinks.  While we were ‘transom gating’, Billy and crew motored in and rafted to our boat.  We were introduced to Robert and Kim and shared pre-drinks.   Oh, it’s almost 6:30 and time for the kick off.  We need to get up to the Tipsy Bar quick if we don’t want to miss the start of the game.  We found Lisa and Herrick.  It was so much fun to sit or stand and hoot and holler with a houseful of people!  There were 8 of us sitting around a table next to Lisa , Herrick, and their long table of boater friends.  Most everyone there was rooting for Denver.  It’s too bad, it was a terrible Super Bowl game!  43-8 and the Seahawks won!  Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you bought a bucket of beer, your name was entered for a drawing at the end of the game.  Bev’s ticket was drawn 3rd and she won a white Budweiser t-shirt.  Yeah for Bev!!  We ran into Dick Tudan from sv/Willoway.  I thought if we ever saw him again it would be in Annapolis.  He has a house on Mill Creek down from Cantler’s Restaurant.  Here, he’s been at Treasure Cay for almost a month but ready to move on….solo again.   Back to the boat only to wake up to a woman talking and laughing at 3am…

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