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Friday-Lubber's Quarter

Circe II
After listening to the weather, Circe II called Whisper to see if they arestill game to shove off today.  Billy and Ilene then walked over to our boat to see what our thoughts are.  We all agreed to head out at 10:30 am....which really turned out to be at 10 am.  Our ultimate destination on this trip is all the way south along the Great Abaco Island to Little Harbour.  We are planning on one stop along the way.

Because the winds today and tonight are blowing out of the NNE, we
need to anchor at the sound end of Lubber's Quarters for some land protection from the 20 mph winds.  Our trip today follows the same course as when we went to Snake Cay on Monday. This anchorage is a bit NE of Snake Cay but across the Sea of Abaco. We got to our anchorage at about 1:00 after sailing almost the entire way. The NNE winds were perfect for our southerly course.  Even with the numerous dog-leg turns getting around the shallow Lubber's Bank!  None  of us had any trouble anchoring here  so my guess is that we have a sandy bottom below us in about 7 feet MLW (mean low water).
South end of Lubber's Quarter-the above two also!
Once we all felt comfortable with our anchors holding, the 6 of us got inour dinghies and went north to Cracker P's Bar and Grill.  It's on the east side of Lubber's Quarter Cay and across from Tahiti Beach..  We all wanted to visit Cracker P's when we were anchored across the water on our trip to Tahiti Beach, but the water was too rough to  make that dinghy trip!  We found the restaurant's dock, climbed up the ladder and tied off.  What a beautiful setting!   Lubber's Landing, another bar and grill, is within walking distance....they are literally neighbors.  They share their customers.....Cracker's is open Thursday - Sunday, while Lubber's is open Monday- Thursday.  After we ate lunch, took in the view, and took pictures, we walked over to Lubbers' Landing.  The gal was behind the bar but said they were closed.  At least we got to check the place out....both bars are worth stopping....very islandy!  Back to our boats for the night.  It is getting windier than I thought was predicted on the the net this morning.....Quiet time...ahhhhhhhhh!

Cracker P's
Beach at Cracker P's
Direction signs at Crackers

            View from the bar!


People love their dogs
Out back of Crackers
Still more photos from Cracker P's

Rita and Chuck
Bird feeder
Ilene and Billy

Lubber's Landing

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