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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Marsh Harbour

Today's going to be a busy day!  I'm going into Marsh Harbour shopping with Kathy, Ilene, and the girls, Erin and Amanda.  The only problem is that we can't all fit in Ilene's dinghy and stay dry. Chuck has volunteered to shuttle Amanda and me across, and then go back to the marina to work on Peter and Carolyn's sink.  Our plans were to shop and be back at the public dock by 11:30 for 'Chuck's Dinghy Service' to shuttle us back to our boats.  There aren't too many little shops in Marsh Harbour, so we knew this was possible.  Plus, Ilene doesn't like to shop!  What an experience shopping.  The clerks are so slow...oh on island time.  Chuck was on time at the dock. This time Kathy road back with us.  She's such a sweetie and such a good mother to her two girls.  You can tell she's very proud of them and their accomplishments!  I found out that it took all that time to take Peter's sink out.  He thought it was bonded with 5200!   Tough stuff!  It took Chuck the better part of the afternoon to install the new sink.  Heads on boats aren't very big and he had a small  space to work in.

Since it's very hot and humid today, many of us went swimming in the pool. We all decided  to meet at the Jib Room tonight for dancing, Desmond's limbo act, and Jason's rake n scraping. Kathy and the girls are really going to get a kick out of this.  Close to that time the wind kicked up  and Whisper and Rising Sun didn't make it in from their anchorage.  I was out on the dock by our boat
watching an 80+ foot yacht attempt to dock at the fuel dock.  There's already a good size sailboat on this dock but the yacht's captain is going for it anyway....he made it but he's hanging out past the dock a good 20 feet!  I guess nobody else in the harbor
has a dock long enough for him.  They ought to go to Baker's Bay with all the other mega yachts! While I was watching this docking show, Jim from mv/Mollie invited me onto his 52' Grand Banks..  It's 25 years old but looks brand new.  Jim has put lots of money into refurbishing her.  Mollie outshines the new 49 foot Sabre, hands down!                                  

Kathy from sv/August Sun

Amanda with Jason
Amanda 14
Time to meet the gang at the Jib Room.  We all showed  except Rita, David, Donna, and Keith. They are going to miss a good time.  The girls tried to play the saws, rake n scrape.. shake the and limbo. When Desmond  started the limbo, Amanda (14) gave him a run for his money. She's a cheerleader back home and has great control doing her back bends. She matched him bar for bar.  Desmond finally took the bar so low, Amanda didn't even want to try at that height!  What a show!! He finally did his fire and cigarette act again tonight.  Yahoo Desmond! I am still in awe.

Working our way back to Happy Hours II around 9:30, we stopped to talk to Martin and Kathy on sv/August Sun, Gary and Janet on sv/LeeAnn, and then we met Larry and Jane from their 53 foot Shannon, sv/Jane.   Larry is so proud of this boat that he had commissioned a few years ago.  He invited us aboard for the grand tour.  He didn't need to ask me twice, that's for sure!  What a beauty.  I can't even imagine what she must have cost.  It's 17 feet wide, 2 wheels out in the cockpit, 1 wheel in the main salon.  It has a dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor, full refrigerator with freezer, microwave/ convection oven, just to mention a few of the items.  I think this is the size of a Shannon that Bob Bitchin from Lats n Atts had commissioned.   Back to our boat to dream....until the thunder and lightening storm hit with heavy winds and rain...more to be expected tomorrow!

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