Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today is  ‘hair cut day’!  Rita is going to cut all 5 of our heads sometime today.  Yeah!! When she got hold of us with the time,  she told us that she had made lentil soup this morning and was bringing it in for lunch.  Circe was in the process of cleaning and airing cushions out in the sun,  so Rita wanted to know if we could eat on Happy Hours II….heck yeah!!   Twelve-thirty is lunch and shortly after we’ll take our crew over to Orchard Lounge for our cuts.    As I said before, Rita is a planner!  In the mean time since the temps are cool again, Chuck wanted me to make Chili for dinner tonight.   Rita, David, Ilene, and Billy were very punctual..  At 12:30, we were sitting in our partially enclosed cockpit.  I heated the soup on our stove while Chuck poured the rum punch that Ilene made.  This was

a ‘thank you’ for helping them dock yesterday!  I told everyone that I made chili too.  So, we had a bowl of lentil soup and then a bowl of chili….everyone went back for seconds on the chili….luckily there was still some left for Chuck for dinner!!   Onward to Orchard Lounge…..I think I mentioned this before but oh well…’s the spit of grass next to Mitch’s sailboat.  He’s been a good sport with letting us use his extension cord for the hair clippers.  He even has music playing.  So it makes a pretty cool beauty salon!  After our cuts, David and Rita dinghied out to sv/Whisper to move her to a better location.  Chuck and I went over to Circe II.  Billy needed to be hauled up his mast to his first set of spreaders.  He needed to replace a wire that he fastens there to keep the birds from sitting up there.  Back to the boat to eat and relax for the night.  Chili for Chuck and crab claws for me!!  Yum, Yum……


                               Billy up his mast!

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