Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014 Little Harbour

Today is my beautiful granddaughter, Makayla’s, 4th birthday!  Grandma and Papa love you Makayla!!!!

We left our anchorage early and headed back across the Sea of Abaco, southwest, toward Snake Cay to get around Tilloo Bank.  Once we cleared the banks, we headed back toward the ocean on the inside of Lynnard Cay to finally anchor in the Bight of Robinson. Our anchorage was just outside the channel which leads into Little Harbour.  This harbor is famous for Pete's Pub and the Johnson Art Gallery. Today is Pete's 20th-50th  birthday party or something like that!  Personally, I think it’s just an excuse to lure boaters into their establishment.  They are roasting a pig to celebrate and a DJ  is spinning music.  We didn’t want to miss it and thought it would be fun!   The entrance to this harbor has a rocky bottom.  We were assured that we would be able to motor through the narrow passage but we  knew we would be stuck inside until a higher tide. We didn’t want the tide to dictate our departure tomorrow….. because high tide will be in the afternoon.  We dinghied in and found the open-air bar and the party already underway!  We stopped and checked out the art gallery.  They have many nice bronze sculptures of mermaids, dolphins,fish  and other water life…..very expensive. 

We walked on to the sandy floored pub and ordered a meal and drink.  We ate outside at a huge picnic table with the owner of the Bluff House on Green Turtle Cay.  We enjoyed the music and view while waiting for our food.   It was very good and worth the wait.  I had conch again while Chuck ate a Grouper sandwich.
When we got tired of sitting, we decided to go in search of the lighthouse.  I was excited about seeing this light up close and personal.  What a disappointment! It turned out to be just the ruins of the lighthouse.  Boo Hoo!  On our way back, the 3 guys had fun trying to crack coconuts.   When they were finished playing, we had 3 coconuts for tomorrow night. 

    The remnants of the lighthouse!

    Coming out of Little Harbour

Once back to our boats, Billy called us and Whisper to see what we thought about pulling up anchor and moving to the leeward side of Lynnard Cay.  We were exposed to quite a bit of surge from the cut out to the ocean which was east of our anchorage.  Rocking from port to starboard is not a good movement, that’s for sure.  So we moved in record time to a much calmer site.  There are about 15 boats already tucked in for the night.  Many of these boats are waiting  for flat water to leave through the cut and sail to the Eleutheras.   Chuck and I both commented that this is the most boats that we’ve anchored with since we were at Vero Beach, Florida and that was actually a mooring field!  Once our anchor was set, we dinghied a short distance behind us to a white beach.   Rita invited everyone over for a pasta and we sat around discussing were we should go tomorrow.  Decisions, decisions…….Before it gets too late, we call Makayla and wish her a ‘happy birthday’.  We can hear a lot of noise in the background because she is having a little girls’ party! 

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