Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Marsh Harbour

The Key Lime Pie really hit the spot last night.  It's always so smooth and refreshing.  I promised Mitch and Peter that if I had left-overs, they'd be the first to get a piece.  Chuck took  the pieces of pie to our two friends.  In the meantime, Peter asked Chuck to help him put a new faucett in his problem.  It didn't take him long to complete the chore but shortly Peter came looking for Chuck....he tried doing something himself to the sink and he put a hole in the basin.  Ouch!   Consequently, Peter had to go into Marsh Harbour to buy a new one after he took measurements with Chuck's assistance....and would he put it in for him tomorrow?   The two guys set a time of early tomorrow morning.

Lisa and Herrick are bringing the cat into the Marsh Harbour anchorage sometime this afternoon. Lisa and I made plans to call each other on our Bahamian phone to set up a time for dinner.   I was waiting to call when I saw their boat in the harbor.  In the meantime, today is David's birthday. They asked us to go to Wally's with them.  Since we had other plans, we had to say no.....Happy Birthday David!... the Mann's are flying home tomorrow morning so we wanted to see them before they left.  I finally gave Lisa a ring but she didn't answer.  She called back and we decided we would pick them up at their boat at 6:30 and go to Curly Tails. The dinghy dock at the restaurant was so unstable that Lisa and I walked like drunken sailors.  What a sight!  This is a crazy dock because it doesn't reach the ladder up to the main dock unless someone pulls the dock over.  Chuck and Herrick did that deed and we climbed up to the dock in from of Curly Tails only to find out they are closed on Tuesday night!   LOL!  Great!  Where to now?  We decided to walk to Mangos. I almost thought they were also closed.  All the tables were available but one.  Lisa and I ordered Mahi Mahi and Herrick and Chuck ordered Grouper.  Our meals were excellent!  We had a great time together and can't wait to see them when they get back next Thursday!  Once we walked back to the dinghy dock, we were glad we only drank one 'Mango Millenium'.  This dock is challenging enough to navigate with its rocking and rolling movement that I can't imagine someone walking on it when they're drunk.  We all got safely back into the dinghy.  Now the excitement starts...finding the right boat in the dark, without a spotlight! All the boats in the harbor look alike...but we found sv/Believe.  Now Lisa and Herrick have to begin packing for their morning departure home. Hopefully we'll see next week when they fly back with friends.

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