Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014 Scotland Cay

Wow!  sv/Whisper moved onto a dock this morning and all the other boaters are leaving?  What's up with that, Rita??  The boats who have left are: sv/Lady Jane, mv/ Nordhaven, mv/Mollie, mv/Southern Pilot,/ sv/ Happy Hours II, sv/ Circe II, sv/ Seahoy, and two other catarmarans. Ha Ha!

Circe, Rising Sun, and Happy Hours II decided to leave at 10:30 and anchor near the cut between Great Guana Cay and Scotland Cay.  We thought it would be good snorkeling in this cut between these two cays.  We took our time motoring.  The wind could not have been more perfectly on the nose of our boats!  We got to our anchorage at 12:30....2 hours later.  Billy anchored first and called to say that there were plenty of sandy patches....where?  We tried 3 different spots and didn't hold.  So once Keith seemed secure. I motored to the other side of him.  We finally found a small sandy patch where our anchor really dug in. we found out later that Keith's anchor didn't set as deep as he would have liked.   He even dove down to push it deeper in the sand and there was too much grass for it to work!  He's going to make do and probably be up all night checking to see if he's holding or dragging.

   South end of Great Guana Cay

Shallow Cut
After we ate lunch, we went exploring in our dinghies prepared to snorkel.  We wanted to get through the first cut between Guana Cay and the little cay between Guana and Scotland Cay.  This cut was too shallow.  It was about another 2 hours until low tide and there was already an exposed shoal completely across this opening.  We motored a little further and were able to
Beautiful bay by Scotland Cay
get into a little bay that is beautiful!  A gal on a paddle board came in behind us. She said Scotland Cay is private but the little island is ok for us to explore.  So we took the 3 dinghies in as far as we could and got out and pulled them the rest of the way.   Walking in the shallows, we found sea biscuits, sand dollars, and all kinds of first pen shell ever!  We had to nix the snorkeling.  We felt it would be better at high tide which istomorrow morning.  Yikes!  The water will feel cold in the morning!  We spent quite a bit of time here.  Once back to our boat, Chuck jumped in the water and cleaned the hull while I made pasta salad.

Our plans are for pot luck at Circe II.  Billy is going to fire up his charcoal grill and we are to take our own meat....porkchops, chicken, and sausage links....plenty to eat!  When the sun starts to set, Billy and I as well as Keith try blowing our conchs!!!

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