Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 19,2014 Back to Marsh Harbour

The winds blew 5-10 swinging from the E to the ESE during the night.  It was very peaceful!  I woke up during the night not feeling well.  I was hoping that I wasn't the next in line to get the flu. Chances were pretty good on that!  Two nights ago when we were anchored near Scotland Cay, we all shared blowing our conchs!  All it takes is for one of us to be sick...and I'm not mentioning names!!  All I can say is that I'm really lucky!!

No one seems to be in any hurry about heading back to Marsh Harbour today.  It's so nice to just chill-out in our cockpit and enjoy the beautiful morning.  I finally hailed Circe to see how Billy is feeling.  He feels about 80% better than yesterday.  I also got hold of Grace to tell them our intentions of heading back to the harbor.  They apparently are staying awhile and heading back later in the afternoon. At 10:15 am, Circe and Happy Hours II both are on their way toward Parrot Cays and out into the Sea of Abaco near Porgee Rock.   It sure is a glorious day to be sailing on the Sea of Abaco. We both sailed all the way from Tahiti Beach to the entrance to Marsh Harbour.  During our sail back, we realize that Hope Town Sailing is having their race this morning.  We can see the sailboats and are hoping we won't get into the middle of one of their laps!  We found out later that Dick Tudan on sv/Willoway came in 3rd....kudos to Dick!

Lunch is at the Jib Room while we settle our dock bill. We both decided to pay for our dock up through March 2nd.  All four sailboats are planning on heading toward the Little Bahama Banks on March permitting.

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