Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Still in Cape May and Now It's Raining!

Even though we woke to rain,  Chuck and I decided we needed to get off the boat and walk.  We aren't going to let the rain stop us.  We'll just put on our foul weather gear and go.  I called Rita to see if they would like to join us.  When she heard we were going to the WaWa convenience store for bread and milk, she was game to go.  She was even more thrilled when she found out the store was only 10 minutes away.  It's still windy today but the winds have shifted out of the SE and we're not getting the brunt of the gusts like yesterday.  It's actually not bad for walking. After WaWa, we took David and Rita to the Sea Gear store. Since we really have nothing else to do,  we thought they would enjoy browsing at this commercial waterman's store.  The first floor is filled with boat hardware while the second floor has apparel.  They both found a great set of Cape Fear foul weather gear....and what a deal they got.  Very reasonable!  Rita and David were both excited about their find!

Since Rita was hungry for pizza, it didn't take much to persuade the rest of us to eat lunch at Lucky Bones. They advertise stone-baked pizzas.  Sounds delicious!  Chuck took our bread and milk back to the boat while the three of us got a table...what a great place.  We knew we had to eat light because our plans were to order take out from the Lobster House for dinner.  The pizza was paper thin but oh so good.

Once back to the boat,  Chuck lowered the dinghy to inspect it for any major damage from our accident. He was also able to get a better view of the transom of our boat while sitting in the dinghy. After pumping up the tubes and thoroughly checking everything out, he found little damage.  We are so lucky!  Even though our seat popped out of the dinghy and the oar was hanging off the back, the only thing that got broken was our aft light.  The port arm of our davits must have taken the hit and it was lifted out of its base.   Chuck was able to fix that.  He also thought he could tape the light but it wouldn't stay. So Mario gave  Chuck money to replace our aft light. So, we are squared away.  During all of the visits back and forth over our boat, Chuck found out that he and Mario are brothers....both union plumbers!  What are the odds of that?

When evening came around, I called Rita and invited them to eat the take-out on our boat.  It's nice and toasty in our main salon.  Rita called the order in and the guys are walking over to pick it up.  Our dinner is going to be 10 fried shrimp, coleslaw, and baked potato  or fries for $6.99.  Wayne, the dockmaster, said it's the best deal in town and only on Wednesdays.  It sure was good....thanks Wayne letting us in on this little secret from the Lobster House!

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