Friday, May 2, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014 Our Last Day in Cape May

Since it's our last day in Cape May, we thought we should to laundry today.  Tomorrow looks like a go, so we better wash up what we can.  Who knows how many days it will be before we get another opportunity! However, the marina office just informed us that they have broken water pipes in their laundry room.  Just our luck!  So, let's walk over to the laundromat beside the WaWa store and Cappy's.  The walk will do us good, plus the temperatures are really nice today...62 degrees...and the winds and rains had stopped. Yeah!!
We finished up and were back on board our boats about 11:30.

Our plans are to grab a bite to eat and call AART's taxi cab.  He'll drive us the 2 miles into Cape May for $12 for all 4 of us.  It's turning out to be a glorious day.  When the sun is out, it's warm.  When the sun goes behind a cloud, it gets cool.  Just one of those days!  We had fun walking Washington Street Mall and browsing in some of the stores.  It's still out of season for Cape May, so we don't have to fight the crowds of tourists.  At the end of the stores, we head the few blocks to check out the ocean.  It actually doesn't look too rough considering the winds that we had for the past 2 days!  Before we called the taxi, Rita and David wanted to stop at the liquor store and we all wanted to stop at a real grocery store, Acme's.  When we were finished shopping, Rita called our driver and he soon picked us up in front of the store....the service was quick. We were back to our boats by 3:30.  It was fun walking Cape May with friends and a great way to break the day up.  I even hate to think about it, but soon, we'll be heading up the Hudson River and Whisper will head up the East River.  :(

Time to read, relax, and think about showering before we head back to the Lobster House for dinner.  Rita invited the solo-cruiser docked on their port side.  Capt Tom has a 28 foot Cape Dory called Annie.  It's the cutest thing!  I guess it's a trawler.  It was nice that Tom joined the four of us.  That way he didn't have to eat with his book!!  LOL  Back to our boats to plan for tomorrow.

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  1. Is the canal open yet? Be careful on the Hudson...lots of debris from all the rain. We're in Georgetown S.C.