Friday, May 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 29,2014 Happy to be Docked at Utsche's because It's Blowing Like Stink!

We woke up to a dreary, cold day. The winds are suppose to blow form the NE at 25-30 mph but most of the day they felt like 40-50 mph winds!  We had our electric space heater on and we're very comfortable tucked away in the cabin of our boat.  It doesn't look like there's any relief in sight for today...high gusts are expected throughout the day as well as tonight...but we are very safe and secure!

About 10 am, Chuck saw a mast go by.  He popped his head out the companionway and there was a 31 foot Catalina, sv/Still Crazy.  Wayne Beck, the dockmaster, was directing him into the dock on our starboard side. Yikes!!  He has very little control of his vessel because of the strong winds and even stronger gusts.  I hope he doesn't hit us!  In fact, he got blown down the fairway by the fuel dock and BANG, into the dock.  Then he tried to turn his boat around and BANG, he was thrown into the dock again.  Finally there was a lull in the wind and he turned his sailboat and was heading back our way. As he was approaching his slip, the wind got him again and he hit crazy hard into his dock.  Chuck went over to help Wayne tie the guy up.  When he got back, he said he put marks all down the starboard side of his boat. This solo-sailor should not have been out in today's weather.  Later, we found out he spent anchored in the night in the Bay.  He thought he could make it all the way from the Bohemia River to Cape May in one day...maybe with a bigger boat!

After this excitement, Chuck and I went up to pay for our night's stay.  I didn't think that I was going to be able to get off the boat.  The northeaster was pushing our boat so far away from the dock. Chuck could only pull HHII over between gusts, so I had to be prepared to jump!!  The rest of the day was going to be spent in our warm cabin reading, blogging, and listening to the radio and wind so we needed to stretch our legs.    Then about 4 pm...CRASH...a 43 foot Jefferson cruiser rear-ended us! Can you believe it?  Here, we think we're safe and protected while being tied up at our dock, and surprise!  We get slammed!!  Mario Bove also got pushed by the 40+ winds.  We weren't sure of the extent of the damage, so we were advised to call the state troopers.  They have a special unit in Cape May that deal with boating accidents.  We wanted to have an accident report on file.  However, the weather was too bad  for Chuck to really check out the damage....if any.  What a bummer!

Once our paper work was taken care of,   David, Rita, Chuck, and I walked over to the Lobster House for dinner.  We asked for the table in front of the fireplace for some warmth!  The heat fromt he fireplace felt really good.   Both couples ordered a bottle of wine to help settle our nerves while waiting for our meal.   The food was wonderful.  Chuck and I each ordered fried flounder.  The filets were huge!  With a salad and two sides, we could only eat half of the filet.  The rest will make a meal for us on the boat!  Do I sound like a old retired person, or what?  Ha, Ha. Once back on the boat, we both commented that the winds are blowing even harder than they did all day. That doesn't seem possible but it is! We were on such a degree of heal that I felt I was laying with my feet raised above the level of my head...

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