Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014 On Our Way to Atlantic City

There’s a parade of boats leaving Cape May this morning, following behind us.  Everybody must be as anxious as us to get moving and out on the water.  It’s going to be a cloudy day with some sun and waves of about 1.8 m high.  The only  advantage that we have today are the westerly winds and swells instead of whitecaps!  Our take off time is 7am and we hope to be to our destination, Atlantic City,  by 2 pm. So, it's going to be a shorter trip!  The day is clear and we can see the shoreline of Wildwood, Ocean City, and Atlantic City off in the distance.  By the time we approach the outer day markers leading into Atlantic City, the winds picked up and so do the waves.   Needless to say, we had a wild ride entering the Absecon River…it was moving fast!
we passed this lonesome fishing vessel

Tom's mv/Annie
We want to anchor in a protected body of water just north of the Absecon River,  beside and away from the noise from Atlantic City.  The directions in Skipper Bob tell us to  "go to R12 on the river.  Keep R12 at our stern while motoring toward a private red marker on Rum Point….no red marker!  Then, hug  the marsh tight on our port side and follow the bend all the way in.  It carries 6 feet of water at low tide" We're hoping this is still the case or we might be in big   trouble!!  Okay so here we go...and it sure would be nice if the wind would slow down.  We had to turn around after our first approach because we were headed for the wrong shore.  Here, there was a little creek that flowed beside the end of  a sandy beach and that's where we had to go.  We could see Tom's Cape Dory back in the open water at the other end of this creek.  It was very narrow in this passage and we did hit a sandy/muddy bottom once. Chuck was able to back off the bar and we continued.  Whisper got hung up in the same place even though we called him on the VHF to warn them.  Tom was watching our approach and hailed us on the VHF to give us both further directions!  Once out into the wider water we were both able to set our anchors easily. However, the winds didn't subside until 8ish!   Then it was calm all night....perfect for anchoring!  We're not sure we would recommend this anchorage.  It was very nice but a bear to get in and out of!
building on rt is the billboard at night!
Once it got dark, I popped my head up out of the companionway.  I heard music.  It was some type of ferry boat cruising by!  Who would believe that this boat would venture back into the pool where 3 of us were anchored...all was quiet once the boat made his circuit and left.  I was amazed as to how lit up Atlantic City was at night!  There was one awesome electronic billboard that took up the entire side of a high-rise building.  

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