Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27,2014 Still at Dunkirk Yacht Club

The weather prediction is pretty much a repeat of yesterday...but with rain added to the mix.  We decided we didn't need to be out in that mess.  So, we're postponing  moving until tomorrow.    Chuck and I both took advantage of being at the dock.  He scrubbed the deck and cockpit while I started gathering things together into bags to make it easier to unload the boat in a few days.  When we got antsy, we went for a walk around what there is of Dunkirk.

In the late afternoon, we had a visit from Pat.  He brought an article and a picture out of the Buffalo News about yesterday's regatta.  The picture showed the Ferry Street bridge in its raised position.  Part of the caption read...'There was a delay in the rowing regatta, however, as the West Ferry Street lift bridge was raised to let the tall-masted sailboat at the right pass beneath it/'.  That would be Happy Hours II.  The cameraman could have shown more of our boat in the picture!  Ha Ha.  

The weather is looking good for tomorrow.  At least the winds will be blowing out of the NE!

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