Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014 Day 7 and Still in Newark, NY

We woke up hoping the NY Canal System would have an alert on my phone saying the canal is such luck!  We are so disappointed and anxious to get moving. So, I guess we'll just have to make the most of our time in Newark, NY.

Chuck went for a walk and ended up at lock 28B.  He spoke to the lock tender. The tender had heard that the canal is 2 feet above norm because of  Thursday night's rain.  Boulders had fallen into the water somewhere, a hazard to boats,  and supposedly the level of the water was above the bulkhead in Fairport...a town west of us. We just have to wait until the water level drops and pray it doesn't rain again until we get out of the Erie Canal.

Once Chuck came back from his walk to the lock, we both went for a walk to find the Burger King and a hardware store.  We walked along the canal path which is on the north side.  It led to a bridge.  When we crossed over the canal, we ended up on the west side of town where we found plazas and eateries.  The bridge looked to originally be for vehicles but has since been blocked off for walkers or bikes...a definite short cut.. and very scenic.  Gee whiz, we know we've been too long in one place when we know where everything is located in the town!
replica of a covered bridge beside HHII
viiew across the canal from HHII

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