Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014 Day 6 The Rains Came and the Canal is Closed

Yes the rains came at 7 pm last night and didn't stop until 10:30 am this morning!  In fact, the rain quit sooner than what was originally forecasted.  We thought we were going to have heavy rains all misted and the skies are gloomy but that's it.  We actually thought we might leave Newark today because even though they predicted rain, the winds were to be light.  So what's a little bit of rain?  Our cockpit is enclosed.  We would just get wet when going through a lock!  That's not going to happen!! My phone beeped this morning signaling a message.  It actually was an alert from the NY Canal System at 9:19 am. They were announcing the closure of sections of the canal:  Cayuga-Seneca section, Oswego section, and the Erie section from E23-E30(locks) NOW!  Erie section E7-E22 at 3 pm.   Well, our next lock is E29 so we're not going anywhere!!
Happy Hours II is so lonesome for other boats!

Today is only good for walking!
Staying put is for the best because my Weather Channel has two alert banners that have been scrolling across my phone all day.  Alert #1 is for a flood warning until 4:15 and Alert #2 is for a flood watch until 8 pm and then moved to 5:15.  Now when I looked, the second alert has been discontinued!   Yeah, that makes me feel better about being tied up here on the Erie Canal.  The canal warned about flooding, swift currents, and more debris than normal.  Hopefully the canal will reopen tomorrow!!  We are getting so anxious to get home since we're so close!!  


  1. Are you coming back to Geneva?

  2. No we decided to move to the Grand River Yacht Club. We'll more than likely stop at Geneva on our way to Grand River. We thought we'd put our dock box on the deck of the boat to take with us. Dean was storing it for us. Keep in touch.