Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sunday, April 27,2014 Leaving Annapolis for Chesapeake City

We've decided that if we leave Annapolis this morning, we ought to be able to make Chesapeake City tonight and then down the Delaware Bay on Monday.  The weather is going to progressively get worse on Monday night.  The winds, waves, and tides are going to be working against us for most of the day but we figure we can deal with it in order to get to Cape May before we get weathered in. It's going to be a very long day today, 50+ miles.

As soon as we made our final decision to head north, I called the draw bridge to request the 7:30 opening..  This way we can get to the  fuel dock and wait until they open at 8:00.  Otherwise, we knew we'd have to wait for powerboats to fuel up....and they take a whole lot longer than we do!  Our plan worked like clockwork.  Then, you're not going to believe this!  The fuel hand dropped Rita's charge card int he water.  OMG!  She was so upset because the guy was rushing both of our sailboats off the fuel dock because he wanted to cater to the yacht that was waiting for us to leave. Now she has to call and cancel her card sometime today.  Hopefully the remainder of the day goes more smoothly!

We've seen better days on the Bay than what we're seeing this morning.  We are able to use our foresail to help power us along only until we got through the Bay Bridge, route 50.  Then the wind direction changed and we had to furl the jib which made our ride bumpy.  Once we got above the Patapsco River Inlet which leads to Baltimore, the winds and waves both calmed down until we neared the Sassafras River.  So we did have a stretch of water that was perfect, for awhile.
We met a freighter going south and a tug and barge north bound.  Since we are cruising along the eastern side of the shipping channel, we end up motor sailing very close to both of these vessels.  That's about the only excitement we had for the day.   Finally, we moved into the C&D Canal and anchored at Chesapeake City by 5:45 pm. The current was running so fast in the canal that we had to crab into the little harbor!   It was a good day considering everything that was working against us today.

As we get ready for bed, we have music entertaining us from the Tiki Bar.  We're too tired to join the party even though we know how nice it is on shore.  We ate there in the fall with Craig & Donna from mv/Mighty Fine and Brian & Jane from sv/Mar-a-Lago.  Miss you guys!!

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