Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 6, 2014

We're having such a great time, I've been neglecting writing and keeping everyone up on our
blog! Just to let you know, we are still at the Marsh Harbour Marina & Jib Room.

Monday 6th
David from Whisper motored into our marina to return one of Chuck's tools.  He wanted to know if we wanted to meet Rita and him for lunch at Conky Joes.  Rita likes to take advantage of their free wifi whenever she can to update her blog. After we agreed to meet them and David had taken off back to his boat, it dawned on me that Conky Joes isn't opened on Monday.  I gave Rita a call on the VHF to let her know and we changed our lunch rendezvous to Snappas.
Snappas, just like Mangos and Conky Joes, sits overhanging the harbor is open to the balmy breezes.  We  were hoping to get an appetizer of conch fritters but they ran out right before we    So, we all ordered fish, Mahi Mahi, and chips. 

        Abaco motorcycle club!

When we were done, we decided to go looking for the restaurant called Wally's.  They advertise on the Cruiser's Net in the morning and Chuck was the only person who thought he knew where it was.  He led us on a wild good chase.  When David and I went into the Sand Dollar to ask directions, here it was right across the street from Snappas....go figure.  We stopped on our way back, went up on the porcha and it was closed on Monday.  There was a gal working inside Wally's Restaurant and she opened the doors so we could check out the restaurant.  Everyone down here is so nice and accommodating!  She even got out some menus so we could see the meals they offered and prices.   The back of the menu had an article about Wally who lived at one time in this grand old house/restaurant and
started and owned the Conch Inn.  When we stayed there in the 80's we played volleyball in their swimming pool but everyone at that time called
it Wallyball......was this because of Wally?

The temps were starting to heat up a bit and the four of us were ready to finish our walk back to our dinghies and then our boats.  On the way, Chuck pointed out two guys at a small cement ramp.  They had just pulled their 18' opened bow boat up near the ramp.  It was filled with live conch!   The were throwing the conchs from their boat up into the bed of their pickup truck.  Rita asked them if she could buy a few.  So....she bought 3 conch for $2 each.  I'm not sure that was a deal or not since they had to clean, pound to tenderize, and then chop veggies, to make conch(raw) salad.  I think it would be easier to just buy 1 or 2 lbs already made...but Rita loves to cook!!
New boat in the harbour!

This evening turned out to be calm and quite balmy.  It must be the calm before the storm!  So, I took my Ipad up to the Jib Room and tried to Skype....everybody!  No one was on line :(((

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