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January 19, 2013

Not much going on today.  We decided to go to Maxwells again to get the last minute supplies for our little cruise tomorrow.  I need to be prepared because we usually get together in the evening for either happy hour or pot luck.  Rita is our party planner and she is particular with what we make so everything goes nicely together!  LOL With the winds and the cool temps, the ride across the harbour was quite interesting....not to mention wet!  Once again, it seems that everyone is spending their time in their cabins....not too many people out and about.  In the afternoon, we went for a walk.  Chuck wanted to show me the houses on one of the streets close to the marina.  He walked there yesterday when I was trying to get the internet running so I could upload pictures.  Anyhow, we walked there and the houses were very nice.
We walked by a wild aloe plant that had the tallest spike I've ever seen.  It
was almost as tall as the electric pole next to it!  A little further was a house surrounded by a fence with 2 German shepherd guard dogs running along the fence line.  I wonder why these people feel they need so much protection?????Even further, we ran into a gated community called 'Snapper Point'.  With all of the foliage, we couldn't see how many houses were behind the gate, if any!  Once we walked out back to the main road, we turned toward Fanny Bay.  At one point, the road is very close to this bay.  Boats and trailers are stored here and they have a 'no trespassing' sign. So, we decided to trespass and get a closer look at Fanny Bay from the shore.  We figured, no one would really care!  Back to the boat to get dinner.  I bought stone crab claws from Jason the other day, and boiled 6 of them.  They are very sweet tasting and I think they're much better than the lobster tails I ate a few days ago
crab claws

Banana Tree

Fanny Bay
Fanny Bay


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