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January 12, 2014 Tahiti Beach

We made a point to turn the VHF onto channel 68 by 8 am to listen to the weather and water conditions. Four of us (sailboats) are planning on taking off to Tahiti Beach.....Circe II, Whisper, Simplicity II, and Happy Hours II.  We heard that a front was expected around noon with 15-20 kt winds from the WNW. So we thought we'd all hang around until it passed.  This wasn't a big deal because we were heading for Hope Town on Elbow Cay and then running along its shore to Tahiti Beach.  The water tends to be skinny at MLW in this area and we wanted to be their during a rising tide.   As it turned out, the front blew through around 11 am with some showers.

Circe II got away from the dock first and took the lead out of Marsh
Harbour.  Whisper, who anchors out, had their anchor hauled and waiting for us.  At the last minute, we weren't sure that we'd be able to leave with everyone else.  A couple in a 55' Nordhaven pulled onto a face dock that is perpendicular to our boat.  He was so long that when they tied him up, his bow and anchors were hanging out half-way passed our transom.  He had us blocked in!!  They finally had good sense to move his boat back. When they did, we back out of our dock (11:20 am) and followed in behind the first two sailboats.  Simplilcity II called to say that they would meet us all at the anchorage because they needed to fill their water tanks and just found out that on Sunday all the marinas open up later than during the week. Then when Greg was able to get fresh water, the water level at the dock was too shallow for his draft!   Greg & Shelley's later departure is probably a good thing because the 3 of us draw 5' but his Hylas has a draft of 6'.  The extra time will give him more water under his keel!!

5 of us at anchorage

Our motor-sail across the Sea of Abaco was wonderful.  Remember, this is our first time away from the dock since we tied up at Marsh Harbour Marina.  Chuck and I were both ready for this get away! Once we motored away from the harbor, all three of us opened our jibs.  What a sight!   Then as we approached Hope Town, its red and white striped lighthouse peeked over the tops of the trees.  I'm in heaven and loving every minute of this trip.  We soon heard on the radio that sv/Kalissa (Richard and Carole) were already anchored where we were going. Once we got there, the rest of us had lots of room to find a sandy patch of bottom for our anchors to set near Kalissa.

After we ate our lunch, we followed Richard and Carole to the sandy Tahiti Beach.  Soon one at a time,
the rest of the 4 couples landed our dinghies on the beach.  Our trip over was windy and dreary.  Now when it's time to play, it's still windy but the sun is shining....yeah!!  What a beautiful day to walk barefoot in the white sand as well as the water, exploring and looking for shells.

Looking toward Tilloo Cut

Richard, Shelley, Greg, Chuck
Rita, Dave, Richard, Greg
Carole invited everyone to their boat for happy hour at 5:00.  Ten of us were pretty tight in their Shannon's cockpit, but it really didn't matter!.  We had a wonderful get-together with great appetizers while watching the sun set over Lubber's Cay.   The waters been been pretty rough and choppy all day at our anchorage because of the direction of the winds.   Tonight the  winds are to clock to the ENE and we will be better protected from the 10-15 kt winds.,,,and as soon as they did (8:15pm) ,  the water flattened and became calm.  Then the winds are to continue to swing to the SE by morning.

I forgot to mention, for those of you that are counting.  We turned our anchor light on at dusk and by the time we checked it before we went to bed, the light was off!  So.....Chuck's going to be taking a ride to the top of the mast again before we take off on our next mini cruise!!!

Carole, Ilene, Billy
Chuck, Me

Billy, David, Richard, Shelley, Greg, Chuck
More pics on the first day at Tahiti Beach......
Me and Chuck

We anchored off of this house

The rest of our fleet in the choppy water!

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